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Advanced processes and materials

High value products often require parts that have features which are challenging to manufacture, due to their scale, complexity or precision; or which must be manufactured from high performance materials capable of dealing with harsh or challenging operating environments.

We undertake research into advanced processing methods and materials to support the most challenging of applications. This includes research into a wide range of advanced materials from high performance ceramics, to advanced surface modification processes.

Among the materials we are currently working with are composites and nanocomposites, polymers and adhesives, steels and alloys, metallic glasses, biomaterials, materials for microelectronics, sports materials, ceramics and ceramic coatings, polymeric foams and non-woven fabrics.

In addition to the synthesis, analysis, and characterisation of materials, our researchers are also investigating the advanced processes needed to form these materials into high value products. This includes the analysis of deformation processes, damage evolution as well as failure initiation and development and allows us to predict the properties, performance, reliability and structural integrity of modern materials and the components and structures made from them.

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