MDPI Sustainability journal "Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Conversion Chain."

Our very own Dr Diane Palmer is Special Issue guest editor for the MDPI Sustainability journal.

As governments focus on renewables, solar energy production capacity has grown rapidly in recent years. It is a fast-evolving industry. The most important element in the photovoltaic industry is solar radiation. Thus, accurate modelling and prediction of the quantity of solar radiation, and its geographical and temporal distribution is essential for effective solar resource utilization and optimal system location. Geographical Information Systems are a helpful tool for this task.

Many photovoltaic systems are grid connected. Large electrical distribution grids tend to be centralised, and were originally designed to supply energy and not receive multiple inputs. Solar production could potentially challenge the operational security of the power system. More information is needed regarding the timing and location of PV electricity injection.

This issue will focus on the use of GIS to support modelling of the PV energy conversion chain from irradiance to system location and impact on the transformer grid. Contributions are welcomed on any, multiple parts, or all of the modelling chain. That is, of the sequence of analyses, tool development and models which transform solar resource data to power supply knowledge. Submissions may cover: mapping of solar irradiation from theoretical models, weather stations data or satellite instruments; mapping electrical output; location and layout of domestic, commercial and utility-scale systems, including rooftop extraction; shading effects; study of geographic divergence of generation; and future scenarios.

Manuscript Submission Information can be found here