Our research

Drawing on a diverse blend of academic specialisms in multiple schools, we deliver an integrated approach to tackling a number of critical issues.

Some of our research highlights

UN Environment Programme study

SCAN researcher Dr Madeleine Orr led the first-ever study of how 100 sport organisations that play on landscapes spanning water, turf, mountains and cities are acting to protect nature.

The study creates a baseline for the forthcoming Sport for Nature framework.

Read more and access the report

Impacts of sport emissions on climate

SCAN researchers led a global review over a 30-year period of the impacts of sport emissions on climate - it is published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Much remains to be done across grassroots and elite sports, as well as by national governing bodies.

Instead of Faster, Higher, Stronger - now is the time for Slower, Closer, Lighter footprints.

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Impacts of climate change on organised sport

SCAN researchers Dr Madeleine Orr and Dr Russell Seymour were part of an international team of researchers which conducted a scoping review of existing literature (1995-2021) about the impacts of climate change on organised competitive sport entities, with further attention paid to their adaptation efforts.

Read the scoping review

Sport for Nature Symposium

Following the UN Environment Programme study - Sports for Nature: Setting a Baseline - preparations are underway to establish an annual Sport for Nature Symposium.

As a SCAN research student, you will be encouraged - with the support of the supervisory team - to facilitate and support this flagship event.