ERASMUS+ and International Exchange Programmes

It is recommended that ALL outgoing students read the information below PRIOR to commencing their exchange programmes.

Emergency protocol for students on work placements and study exchanges

This document sets out the protocol to follow in the case of an emergency involving Loughborough University students whilst they are undertaking work placements in the United Kingdom and overseas, ERASMUS+ work placements, ERASMUS+ student exchanges and international study exchanges.  Please ensure that you have read the document carefully and that you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities as the student. 

 It is recommended that you take a copy of the document with you for reference.

 Click here to download the Emergency Protocol for Students on Work Placements and Study Exchanges.

Overseas travel cover summary

When you travel outside the United Kingdom on University approved ERASMUS+ and international study exchanges and work placements, you are covered by the University’s travel scheme, which is administered by U M Association Ltd. It is, however, recommended that you acquire your own travel insurance which supplements the University's Overseas Travel Cover. Additionally, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please ensure that your travel insurance includes medical cover.

Please read the Travel Cover Summary carefully and ensure that you take a copy with you for reference, together with any supplementary insurance cover of your own.

Click here to download the ‘Travel Cover Summary’.

Medical cover

All students are advised to take a Student European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when travelling to a European Economics Area (EEA) country. Please note that the EHIC is free, therefore it is recommended that you avoid any websites which charge you. 
Further information on how to apply for a Student EHIC is available at: 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please ensure that your own travel insurance includes medical cover. 

Study exchange risk assessment form

If you are undertaking a study exchange, it is mandatory for you to complete a Study Exchange Risk Assessment Form as part of the application procedure.  Please ensure that you read the guidance notes in the document entitled ‘Study Exchange Risk Profiling and Risk Reducing Actions’ before completing the form and returning it to the Exchanges Office for approval.

 Click here to download the Study Exchange Risk Assessment Form’.

 Click here to download the ‘Study Exchange Risk Profiling and Actions’.

 If you have any queries about the Study Exchange Risk Assessment Form, please contact Julie Hibbert (email

 Please note that if you are undertaking a work placement, you will be provided with a Risk Assessment Form by your respective School/Department and must following their instructions with regard to its completion.

Host organisation declaration form

It is a requirement that all host organisations/partner institutions complete a ‘Host Organisation Declaration Form’ prior to receiving Loughborough students.  The form is circulated and administered by the Exchanges Office and asks the host organisation/partner institution to confirm that suitable arrangements/policies are in place to ensure the safety of Loughborough students.

The ‘Host Organisation Declaration Form’ is disseminated and administered by the Exchanges Office and/or Placement Officers in Schools/Departments, therefore students are not required to take any action on this