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Malaysian student testimonials

What better way to find out about life at Loughborough than to hear it from our current students:

Jia Qi Ho, BSc. Accounting and Financial Management, 1st Year.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

Loughborough University was my first choice as it is one of the most prestigious sport universities in the UK. It has a beautiful campus that provides a good environment to study and live in, which is very important especially for an international student. On top of that, for the course I am currently undertaking, the university provides a huge range of modules that gives us a wider prospect in the field I will be working in the future.

How would you describe your life at Loughborough?

Fulfilling, interesting and exciting at the same time. It exposed me to a whole new culture and unforgettable experience, improving my interpersonal and communication skills all together. At Loughborough University, they do not just focus on academic skills, but also aim to produce graduates who are well-balanced in all prospects. I believe all the things I have learnt here will help in shaping a better individual in me and prepare myself to adapt well in the future working environment.

Jarryd Chen Seh Kin, BEng. Chemical Engineering, 1st Year.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

First and foremost, for the University's reputation. Loughborough University is a top 15 UK university. Furthermore, it's highly ranked in league tables across all departments. Besides that, being an international student, student experience was a concern, as I believed a happy student is a successful one and Loughborough is known for its best student experience. Additionally, with 177 hectares, Loughborough University is the largest single-site campus in the UK which makes an extremely safe environment for all students. 

How would you describe your time at Loughborough?

Unforgettable, fun and pleasant experience, meeting a diversity of people from different cultures and nationalities whilst obtaining a degree. Safe and secure environment on campus with top-notch sports and education facilities. (Maths support learning centre, Library, 24/7 Library during exam period, Powerbase gym, Holywell gym, Sports facilities) and a really active student union. Everyone and anyone can get involved. 


Jennifer Low Mei Yan, Accounting and Financial Management, 1st Year

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University

The main reason why I picked Loughborough University is because I prefer a campus university. I like the whole layout of the campus, how the buildings are all so close to each other and not having to walk much from one lecture to another. The facilities provided are more than sufficient and hi-tech. For instance, I am very satisfied by how huge and systematic the library is, making my revision period very much productive and efficient. Moreover, the university is ranked quite highly for the course that I enrolled in.

What sort of support and help that I have received to help me adjust to my living in the UK?

I was invited to attend the international orientation when I first arrived in Loughborough. When I first moved into my accommodation I was given a warm welcome by the fresher’s helpers as well as my flat mates. Later on, I joined the Malaysian and Singaporean Society where I made more friends from my home country and helped me to settle down in the university.

What are the highlights of being a student in Loughborough?

As the number of Malaysians and Singaporeans in the university is small compared to other universities, this creates the opportunity for the international students to expose ourselves to students from different cultures and backgrounds. Studying in Loughborough has definitely created a different but exciting environment for me. I enjoy the activities or events organized by the university whereby we are able to socialize with other people, to improve our communication skills as well as to broaden my horizon.

How would you describe life at Loughborough?

Life at LU is very entertaining I would say. I am pretty occupied most of the time with activities organised by the hall committees, different nights out organised by the student union and gathering/dinners organised by the Malaysian and Singaporean society that I have joined. Student union has played a big role in keeping me occupied throughout these months since I arrived in Loughborough. Loughborough may seem like a small town, but my basic needs can easily be fulfilled as there is still a variety of choices. Sports entertainment like rugby, hockey, football matches also welcome students to watch and show their support. 


Brandon Ong Ming Jian, Accounting and Financial Management, 1st Year

Why did I choose Loughborough University?
When it came down to deciding between Manchester University and Loughborough University, both universities are reputable for my course, what Loughborough won me over with was its beautiful campus environment and lifestyle. A part of my programme at Loughborough is the placement year, where an academic year in my course is dedicated to an internship at a company for a year. This valuable work experience will give me an advantage towards getting a job after I graduate.

The academic side aside, Loughborough is a great place to get involved into sports!! It is known in the United Kingdom as the TOP sports university and I can say the facilities here are top notch quality. You can get involved competitively playing for the Athletics Union, training to represent the university or if you just want to leisurely fill your free time you can take part in My Lifestyle Sports activities where you can join a sport for a free session weekly.

The night outs here are fairly decent. Though Loughborough is a fairly small town, this gives you the opportunity to travel to big cities and experience the tourist feel to the other bigger cities.

What sort of support and help that I received to help me adjust to living in the UK?

The student support services here are great, for example the international office organised an International Orientation for all foreign students. They also told us where we can do our grocery shopping for those staying in self-catered halls or in their own private residence. Asides from that, this provided me the opportunity to meet other Malaysian and Singaporean students. The accommodation centre on campus helps with any problems related to your accommodation living on campus. Overall, meeting other Malaysians and Singaporeans helped a lot for me to settle down, knowing there’s a part of home here with you always help when you’re in another country. More so now that the Malaysian and Singaporean Society has smaller numbers, it provides more opportunity to bond together as a family and closer ties.

Zulaikha Zaimi, BSc. Accounting and Financial Management, 2nd Year

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

I chose Loughborough largely due to the sandwich course that they offer for my course. Not only will I gain work experience while doing my degree but the Business school itself will also provide me with the necessary help and skills to improve my employability. Another pushing factor was the excellent Student Union Loughborough has. I just knew that there would always be something to do in LU. LU has also won Best Student Experience for several years, which only convinced me further.

What would you say to a student considering studying at Loughborough?

I would first start by explaining how my personal experience at LU has been a great one. I cannot imagine doing my degree anywhere else. The SU also has a lot to offer and this would manifest in involvement in several different societies. It also has a very diverse student body. I have made friends from all over the world and cannot be more pleased. My academic life has also been great. The lecturers are eager to teach and I am never far from help if I need it. 


Antony Au Chee Hoe, BSc. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 1st Year

Why did I choose Loughborough University?

I chose Loughborough University because it is one of few Universities that offers my course and also I preferred campus life to city life. Loughborough University is also well-known due to its top ranking in student experience. The University comes up with many events such as trips, career fairs and also charities for the students to get involved with.

What sort of support and help that I have received to help me adjust to my living in the UK?

As I arrived, I was greeted by many fresher helpers that are really friendly and are eager to help you adjust into your rooms in halls. There was also an International seminar where I made loads of new friends from different countries and also friends from Malaysia. My flatmates are really friendly as well which helped me feel less home sick and feel more welcomed.

What are the highlights of being a student in Loughborough?

One of my highlights is the society outings as I get to meet up with the rest of the Malaysian & Singaporean Society to catch up. ‘My Lifestyle’ is also a highlight of the University as everyday (except Sunday) they have free sports for everyone to try out such as wheelchair basketball and others. I also like that they have a lot of society sports where different societies come together to play a friendly games like dodgeball, football and etc.


Wen-Li Ooi, BSc. Accounting and Financial Management, 2nd Year.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University? 

Loughborough University was one of the only universities in the UK to provide an integrated placement year for my course with such a highly ranked position overall. I knew I wanted to get the taste of the working world before choosing a career path. I also knew I wanted to study on a single campus rather than a city campus. Loughborough itself is centrally located for me to travel and see the rest of England. 

How have you found your Loughborough experience?

As an international student, Loughborough University has given me more opportunities than what I had expected. The number of societies and volunteering opportunities to participate in has not only improved my CV, but has also shaped me as an individual. The lecturers and the facilities of the university are all top class. It is no surprise that Loughborough University has been voted England’s Best Student Experience for the past six consecutive years. 

Ooi Joon Yik, BEng. Manufacturing Engineering, 2nd Year

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

I chose Loughborough University as it’s renowned for its engineering courses and that it provides opportunities to gain industrial experience through its sandwich courses and the chance to meet possible graduate employees. While offering an enriching experience with its hand on lab sessions, I believe it is important to an engineer to gain experience out in industry, providing us students the platform to apply the theories learned in a real-life practical situation. Loughborough University is also famous for being a research centre as evident by its collaboration with major companies like Airbus and Rolls-Royce, and this can only bode well for prospective students.

How would you best describe Loughborough University?

As a campus university, Loughborough provides a warm and close-knit community. This makes settling in much more comfortable for prospective students. A wide variety of events, ranging from sporting events to social events, means there is always something to do for everyone. The University also holds an annual International Day event, showcasing the different types of nationalities here at Loughborough University, providing an insight into the cultures of international students. There are two words to describe life here, overwhelming and amazing. 

Kuan Wai Foong, BSc. Accounting and Financial Management, 1st Year

Why I choose Loughborough?

As an International student reading Accounting and Financial Management, I was impressed by the careers opportunity offered by Loughborough University. To be honest, it is not easy for a non-EU student to receive job opportunities outside their countries, but Loughborough University has made everything easier. They provide the support and advice needed alongside presentations and application sessions.

Loughborough has been voted as England’s Best Student Experience and this is what attracted me too. I was looking for a University that can bring the best out of me in terms of education and extra-curriculum.

To summarise: a great place to learn and grow as an individual. Large Campus University with a great community.

How would you describe your Loughborough experience? 

One word- FUN! Someone will not understand it until they experience it themselves. It is so intimidating to leave your friends and family, but I’m sure everyone can find their soul mates in Loughborough University. Loughborough provides all types of activities and one of it will definitely suit you. I enjoyed My Lifestyle activities so much as I can experience all kinds of sports and dances.

Besides that, students here are nice and friendly. I did not find it difficult to bond with my English housemates as everyone understand each other cultures and respect it. 

Why join Malaysian and Singaporean Society?

You’ll find your “family” while staying in Loughborough University. We have all kinds of activities and events awaiting your participation. If it doesn’t sound amazing, join it and experience it yourself. You will not regret.

What do I get as a student in Loughborough University?

Great lecturers, great tutors and great students! Countless supports and opportunities to make yourself shine! It has empowered and improved my employment potential.

Hall of recommendation?

Falkner Eggington Courts (a.k.a Falk Eggs), located in the Central park.

Facts you must know:-
i.  3 minutes to class
ii. 2 minutes to get out from campus
iii. 20 minutes’ walk to town

What you like about the hall?

The idea of having 6 housemates to share one kitchen and communal area is fantastic! This is the place where we gather and spent time together and get to try other cultures’ food. It is just an extremely amazing experience, the reason I’m living in hall next year again!

Nadilla Jamil, PhD in Critical Discourse Studies/Social Sciences, 2nd year

Why did you choose your research degree at Loughborough University? 

I was seeking for a place where my passion for linguistics can be practicalized. I was always wanted to analyse ‘the world’ from a linguistic perspective. And, I was extremely excited knowing that my potential supervisor, one of the experts in the field, Dr. John E Richardson teaches at Loughborough University. And of course, it was also because Loughborough University’s communication and media research program simply have a stellar reputation that is known nationally and even globally.

What do you enjoy most about your research degree?

I passionately believe in social change. While  physics  or  chemistry,  which  is  influential,  leaves  impact  on  reality  by  their  results  rather  than  by  their  conversation.   I chose to study social sciences because I  believe  that  my  field  is  more conversational and one thing that I most enjoy about my research degree is the chance to make impact on reality, especially by having conversations with other researchers who are passionate about various areas in the realm of social sciences. Like many others, I too believe that my research has to be readable. If getting a PhD out of it is my only aim, the whole struggle will be totally useless. Unless it addresses the experience of people, I do not see the point in doing it. 

As an international student, what support have you had from the university and the department?

Tremendous, really! The Social Sciences department provides a lot of support throughout my studies especially regarding the overall educational environment.  Also, there is nothing more relieving than meeting those who are ‘in the same boat’ with me during the weekly PhD support Network session. Plus, I can never thank the Student Advice and Support Service for many reasons! They are like Dutch uncles (and aunties): they give firm but compassionate advices on trust me, many issues (I really mean ‘many’). Also, being part of an excellent Research Staff Mentoring Scheme, the path in which I hope my journey take me becomes more convincing: what I want to do and most importantly how can I achieve it has never been clearer. Loughborough University has really much to offer (and they are students friendly!)

What do you hope to do when you graduate, and how will your Loughborough degree support this?

I plan to be in academia, and my Loughborough degree will of course be a beginner’s qualification for myself. 

What do you think of the social atmosphere and activities you can join? (Are you part of any clubs? How have you found the experience?)

The LSU’s ballyhoo on the activities is unbelievable! It’s exciting to be honest. Who knew how it led me to LSU Salsa society and I became hooked for a while. There are many other interesting and amazing clubs and activities to get you to meet other students. 

“Life at Loughborough University is fulfilling, interesting and exciting at the same time. It exposed me to a whole new culture and unforgettable experience, improving my interpersonal and communication skills all together. I believe all the things I have learnt here will help in shaping a better individual in me and prepare myself to adapt well in the future working environment.”

– Jia Qi Ho, Accounting and Financial Management, 1st Year.