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Malaysian Society Committee 2015/16

What our Malaysian students do:

Malaysian Student Society volleyball on campus Malaysian Student Society volleyball on campus

When asked about life at Loughborough, our current Malaysians have described it as entertaining, fun, unforgettable and even better than they imagined! It can be intimidating to leave your friends, family and the country you grew up in, but the campus at Loughborough provides a warm and close-knit community which makes settling in much more comfortable.

Most of our undergraduate students and many of our postgraduate students choose to live in the university accommodation on campus. Here, you will be mixed with both international and UK students. The hall committees organise a range of activities to help you settle in and meet your new flatmates, not just during freshers week but throughout the year.

The Students Union plays a large part in the lives of many Malaysian students on campus. The Union has a media centre, the largest charity section in the country, and over 100 different societies to get involved in, including the Malaysian Students Society. Providing a home away from home for all Malaysians, the Malaysian society arranges and attends a variety of events every year, from day trips across the country, activity days, sports tournaments and the Loughborough Students Union international day, to weekly Badminton and Basketball sessions. The Society also organise cultural activities and festival celebrations, including events for Eid Al-Fitr, Chinese New Year, Divali, Vaisaki and National Day, as well as regular cultural nights with home cooked Malaysian food. The most recent event featured delicious Mee Siam and traditional chicken curries. For more information, or to ask any questions about being a Malaysian in Loughborough, please contact the committee on

Sports also plays a large part in life at Loughborough – whether it’s joining one of the sports clubs and playing competitively, going along to free recreational sports sessions or just watching some of the matches on campus, the infectious sporting spirit is hard not to get caught up in even for the least sporty people! 


“I would first start by explaining how my personal experience at LU has been a great one. I cannot imagine doing my degree anywhere else. The SU also has a lot to offer and this would manifest in involvement in several different societies. It also has a very diverse student body. I have made friends from all over the world and cannot be more pleased. My academic life has also been great. The lecturers are eager to teach and I am never far from help if I need it”

- Zulaikha Zaimi, BSc. Accounting and Financial Management, 2nd Year