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Indian Student Testimonials

Here some of our Indian students share their thoughts on their Loughborough experience.

Ravi Swapnil Peri, MSc. Automotive Systems Engineering

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

I researched the best universities for my course, and found out about the reputation this university has got for the engineering, especially mechanical and automotive engineering department. All the skilled staff members, lecturers, guest lectures from big automobile OEMs like Ford, JLR and many more and is recommended by every single engineer in UK that I know. Studying here will help me to enhance my knowledge and will give me much better understanding of the future path which I want to choose. Getting a Master’s degree from here will prove to be an advantage for me as well.This made me choose this university.

How would you best describe life at LU to a prospective student?

Life at LU in a single word is ‘Amazing’. It is among the top 13 universities in UK and well known to employers. Along with your studies you will find so many interesting things to do in your daily life. Whatever your interest may be, sports, cultural activities, dance, management, and many more, anything you want you will find it here. When it comes to night, then our Hall Residences and Student Union organises so many daily events that you will find yourself into everything and I am sure you won't want to miss of the events. You will find everything near to you for purchasing and if you want to go around the UK then you can find easy transportation means as well. Furthermore if any kind of help is needed then the committee members and the department staff are always there to help you out.    

Why did you choose your course?

I chose Automotive Systems Engineering because I have always been related to the Automobile industry in one or the other way. I have been a part of BAJA SAE team, Tata Motors, and also have worked for Jaguar Land Rover, R & D, VPD Body Engineering Dept for 2 years  (2012-2014). This made me chose this stream again so that I can gain more knowledge in this particular field and be a Subject matter expert in Automobile industry.

What do you do outside of your course?

Other than studies most of the time I spend in playing Cricket as I play for the Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club (LUSCC) and Basketball for Falk Egg IMS team, lots of night outs with my friends to different places, a road trip to Scotland from Loughborough. I am also a member of Loughborough Dance Society, Hindu Society, LU Action. There are many attractions in the town and fantastic night life too. There are places like Great Central Railway, Charnwood Museum, Town Hall; many restaurants and bars like The Orange Tree, Griffin, Moon and Bell; and night clubs like Echoes, Revs, Kelso, The Mansion and many more.

Anusha Sanjeev Mehta, BSc. Geography

Why did you choose to study your course at Loughborough University?

I chose Loughborough University as I am a swimmer and wanted to pursue the sport through my Uni years. It is one of the best sports unis in the world and it is one of the few places where I would have been able to balance my academics and sport. I have chosen Geography as I enjoy the subject and wish to be an environmental geographer. My career goal is to work at the UN.

How have you found your Loughborough Experience?

My experience at Loughborough University has been incredible. Loughborough University has kindled my love for academics, my swimming more powerful, and my social life is actually exciting! It has opened me up from an introvert to a more social, tolerable person. I once saw a boy walk around the university in a sheep onseie in broad daylight, and I thought to myself Whoa! I realised that I shouldn't be so straitlaced and this place would help me discover my fun side.

How does Loughborough compare to your home town?

Loughborough is a tiny city compared to Chennai. It is lovely to live in a beautiful city like Loughborough surrounded by sporty active uni students and families, especially when you come from a huge metropolis where one doesn't get the chance to walk outside, let alone exercise.

Rounaq Nayak, PhD Researcher: Human Factors and Complex Systems (HFCS) Group

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

LU is one of the leading research unis in UK. Apart from that, my supervisor has immense knowledge in human factors; this combined with my knowledge in food safety, I felt that I could accomplish a great deal in my PhD.

Also, Loughborough reminds me a lot of Goa as it is similar with being a small town and a close knit community.

Why did you choose this particular course?

I have always wanted to be involved in research and in helping and protecting people through my research. Hence I chose to pursue my bachelors in biotechnology and do my masters in food safety. My PhD involves looking into the human factors involved in the safety culture in a food business.

On completing my PhD, I wish to further my research in the food safety field as I also have a background in microbiology. I aim to be a lead researcher one day and help businesses provide safer and better food.

How have you found your Loughborough experience so far?

I get to experience something new in the Design School (that’s where i'm based) every week! From the random food colleagues bring in to celebrate events (and sometimes to celebrate getting through another day) to the go-kart races, beach volleyball events and Nintendo 64 game breaks, every day is a new experience!

I also work part time at the Students Union.

Would you recommend Loughborough to other Indian students?


  • Amazing campus
  • Facilities (latest and up-to-date)
  • Friendly and helpful people
  • Sports facilities are state of the art
  • One of the best research Unis

Can you also share your experience of living in the city of Loughborough? What do you like about it?

The city is small and friendly. It is a well knit community with very friendly people. No racism, small and easy to get around, and very safe - without crime. 

Karthikeyan Pasupatheeswaran

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

Loughborough University has the best infrastructure for the course of automotive systems engineering. Tie-ups with the automotive giants like Ford, JLR is a plus, and industrial exposure is immense.  Guest lectures by professors and skilled workers who have worked on the biggest projects in the industry have been very educative. The modules are totally lab based and cover all the major topics for the course I have chosen.

How would you best describe life at Loughborough University?

LU is a home away from home, a very friendly environment and the reason why it has been winning the best student experience award. The mix of students from across the globe makes this very diverse and happening environment. Academics are top class, but the university has also many social activities and sports, which can be relaxing and enriching. The societies for cooking, dancing, music, and books are just an example. With almost a 100 such societies, one can join any to relax and do what they like apart from academics. The university staff are very friendly and there are specific office that helps students with all kinds of issues being faced. 

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