International applicants

Student Testimonials

Here some of our Canadian students share their thoughts on their Loughborough experience.

Adam Pinkoski

What course are you studying?

MSc Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Having spent some of my childhood in Leicestershire I knew of Loughborough as being the best University for Sports Science in the UK and was keen to come and study my masters here. Knowing the course was only 1 year was a major positive and when costing out my education in the UK versus Canada, they were relatively the same. Having the opportunity to work with Olympic and Paralympic athletes was a major draw for me too and knowing the University has world class facilities and  close links with top sporting bodies in the UK I was keen to be able to combine the research/academic side with the expertise of world class sporting bodies.

How would you best describe Loughborough University to a prospective student?

After getting my offer for Loughborough 48 hrs after I submitted my application I was super impressed with the processes at the University. On arrival, I was pleased to find out that both in my accommodation and on my course there is a diverse range of nationalities. We have a cohort of 16 students on my course and probably 5 are British and the rest is a mixture of Canadian, American, French, Greek, Thai etc. My course also has amazing professors who really make me feel more supported than I did in my Bachelor’s degree in Canada – the Professors are a lot more accessible and open to conversation. My best description of life at Loughborough would be that I feel valued; as a student, as part of the community, part of my course, part of my accommodation and also as a part of the 6-a-side football team I joined and the intramural sports I get involved with for my halls of residence.