About the network

The Loughborough University LGBT+ Staff Network has been a presence in its various iterations for decades and continues to be a fundamental community space for LGBT+ staff at the University.

The LGBT+ Staff Network encompasses all staff that identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans and any other minoritised sexual or gender identity. The Network also warmly welcomes allies (persons who align with and support the cause of another individual or group of people in the LGBT+ community).

The Network has monthly meetings that are open for all to attend at any time. Here, staff come together to highlight LGBT+-related issues on our campuses, organise events and campaigns for awareness and celebration, and to provide a space to ensure that LGBT+ staff are represented, supported, valued and have a structure through which they can highlight where institutional change is needed.

Notably, a key part of our mission is that we work together, as one LGBT+ community, while acknowledging many of our disparate individual experiences. This combination of difference and togetherness is a special part of our community that we believe is crucial to improving the lives of LGBT+ people.

If you are an LGBT+ staff member or ally at Loughborough University, you are most welcome to attend the events and/or monthly meetings or contact the Network’s Chair about anything LGBT+-related. Whether you actively connect with the Network or not, the aim of the discussions and actions from our monthly meetings is to represent our LGBT+ staff across all areas of the university.

If you have any questions, issues, would like to be added to the LGBT+ staff mailing list or attend a meeting or event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As a Network, we cannot wait to welcome new people to our events and meetings to ensure that voices of our LGBT+ community, both past and present, continue to be heard.

Chris McLeod
Co-Chair - Academic
LGBT+ Staff Network

Stevie Ashurst
Co-Chair - Professional Services
LGBT+ Staff Network