Does Your Planned Positive Action Meet a Legitimate Aim in a Proportionate Way?

This step-by-step tool was created to help establish the legal and appropriate use of identified Positive Action interventions and to provide support in identifying where Positive Action interventions should be implemented.

It was created as a training tool for all colleagues to increase awareness of Positive Action but also as a guidance and aid when thinking of implementing a specific initiative to address a particular issue.

When using this tool bear in mind the following:

  • It is intended to be used for an ongoing assessment 
  • It is intended to be used as internal guidance only
  • When undertaking positive action you must keep a written record of the thinking, rationale and evidence that were considered.

Please read on and engage with the tool to enhance your knowledge and confidence regarding using positive action and/or use the tool to work through a specific scenario.

We have put together a guidance document for you to read thorough before engaging with the tool itself. It will give you more information about positive action concept, and what is needed for it to be conducted.

Follow the guidance document as a separate page so you can refer to this whilst you work through the tool. You might also find it useful to refer to the Positive Action workflow showing the tool’s sections.

If you have any further question regarding the tool itself or concepts around Positive Action, please contact the EDI Team.