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Your journey: How Loughborough supports your apprenticeships

Answering Your Enquiries

>>Our Business Development team can advise you about any aspect of our apprenticeship programme. We will work with you to understand your business and skills priorities and will advise you on how our apprenticeships can help your organisation.

Confirming Your Eligibility

>>We will work with you to confirm whether you are a Levy paying employer and whether you can fund through the Apprenticeship Levy or through co-funding with Government.

Designing Your Apprenticeship

>>We will help you design an apprenticeship programme with outcomes that meet your talent development needs and organisational objectives. We will work with you to devise a project plan and direct the content and project work in the programme towards issues pertinent to your organisation.

At this stage we will also work with you to schedule all the initial assessments and eligibility checks, create all the mandatory documentation and prepare your team.

Selecting Apprentices

>>Once you have identified a group of employees with the skills and capability to complete the programme, we will make sure that they are eligible for Levy funding and advise you on entry and eligibility requirements for the University Degree and, if needed, help you with the screening process.

Supporting Your Organisation During the Apprenticeship

>>We can advise you on how to set up your Apprenticeship Service Levy account and create a record for each of your apprentices; or you can also ask us to do this for you. We will also work with you to create all mandatory documentation, and through our Contract for Services we will ensure that you meet your own evidence requirements during the life of the apprenticeship.

At the start of the apprenticeship, we will set out the timing and schedule for every aspect of the apprenticeship. This enables the line manager and apprentice to prepare for each topic and match work-based activity to off-the-job learning. We will set out the indicative dates for all key milestones, including dates for you to take part in the formal module and programme evaluation to give your feedback.

Your apprentice’s line manager is key to the success of the apprenticeship. We invite all line mangers onto an induction at the start of each apprenticeship to help get them ready for their role and understand their individual (and your corporate) responsibilities and commitments to your apprentices.

Our Apprenticeships Support team and Work-based Learning Manager will ensure that your apprentices are making progress towards their learning aims. We will also provide you, the client, with management information and hold regular reviews.

Celebrating Success

>>At the end of the apprenticeship, we will hold a formal graduation and a final evaluation to ensure that the programme has delivered the objectives set.