Executive Education


Our Ethos

Our approach to learning

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a thriving and welcoming learning environment which especially supports those returning to education after some time.

The student experience is central to all we do, both within the School of Business and Economics and Loughborough University as a whole. The programmes are delivered in such a way as to ensure that the learning experience maximises a participant’s growth potential and facilitates the transfer of learning and impact back in the workplace.

There are eight key design principles at the very core of what we do:

  • Enhancing self-awareness 

    We believe that self-awareness is fundamental to successful management and leadership. Our approach to learning uses a wealth of activities both inside and outside of the classroom to develop greater self-insight in our delegates

  • Reinforcing crucial interpersonal skills 

    Well developed and honed ‘soft skills’ are fundamental to leadership success. In addition to content-specific knowledge and skills, we aim to develop a whole host of interactive abilities in our learners, such as empathy, emotional control, resilience, self-confidence and self-management, to enable delegates to step up to the challenges of managing and leading others successfully.

  • Crafting a dynamic learning culture 

    Most of our programmes take place at either the Loughborough or London campus, but may also be based at delegates’ own workplaces. Whatever the location, we have clear learning codes of conduct to ensure that delegates have the time and space to step back from their daily responsibilities to reflect, rethink, and reassess critical industry and organisational issues.

  • Enabling interaction 

    Our programmes are designed to promote a dynamic interchange between delegates. Through working and learning together, participants will develop a shared language and understanding of their organisation’s mission, values, business, challenges, and opportunities. This sense of camaraderie helps build professional and personal networks based on trust, communication, and collaboration.

  • Supporting and creating professional and personal networks 

    Via our virtual learning platform, we provide the opportunity for participants to enhance their relationships with those from similar or other industries, challenge their own mindsets, overcome personal barriers, and make personal goal success a reality.

  • Sharing of best practice 

    Via certain tools for learning (e.g. case studies, models, theories, frameworks, and tools) we aim to empower our students to apply their new knowledge, course concepts, and innovative approaches back at the workplace.

  • Encouraging ongoing reflection and goal setting 

    The capacity for transfer of learning between modules and beyond the program is enhanced by ongoing goal setting and reflection. We coach delegates in these particular skills and provide online materials and activities to ensure this takes place.

  • The provision of appropriate extra-curricular activities 

    Where possible and relevant, delegates engage in a range of extra-curricular activities and events which tap into Loughborough’s areas of expertise. This may be team leadership and coaching / high performance activities / sporting activities run by world-class athletes and coaches or Masterclasses led by one of Loughborough's world renowned academics or industry leaders drawn from our extensive alumni. 

Whether tailored or open, our programme experiences are powerful, interactive processes of discussion, discovery, and application. The program modules are interconnected by a process of ongoing reflection and goal setting by delegates. We utilise a range of goal setting, programme design, instructional methodologies, innovative teaching styles, case analysis, peer interaction and teamwork, and hands-on implementation. The impact is both immediate and long term: you will emerge from the programme with the leadership capacity to position your organisation for ongoing success.