Opened in 2017, STEMLab acts as a hub for Science and Engineering students, providing a truly student-focused laboratory learning environment.

About STEMLab

Today, Loughborough University is one of the UK's leading centres of excellence for teaching STEM subjects - with a proven track record in supplying industry with high-calibre, highly motivated graduates

The demand for STEM skills across sectors is huge, and only expected to grow. STEMLab represents a £17 million investment in ensuring Loughborough University can meet the demands of industries and the demand from students for innovative courses in STEM subjects.

STEMLab: Physics Facilities Tour

Join some of our Loughborough University physics students for a tour of our outstanding facilities in STEMLab – as used by students on our undergraduate courses in physics.

Physics students will enjoy using the Physical Sciences laboratory that has been specially designed to enable the exploration of the fundamentals of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum phenomena, waves, solid state and thermal physics. They will also benefit from our new Physics and Optics laboratory, designed for allowing the practical examination of the underlying physics of many everyday phenomena, including the study of optics and the behaviour of light, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and mechanics.

Take a 360 degree tour of our physics teaching labs in STEMLab.