Impactful research is central to the culture of our Physics department with many of our staff actively engaged in both theoretical and applied research, industry projects, and working closely not only with colleagues across the University's science and engineering departments, but with collaborators across the globe.

Research strengths

Loughborough's Department of Physics is proud of its tradition of leading research in condensed matter physics.

This is one of the richest areas of physics. Understanding the effects discovered in condensed matter systems demands powerful theoretical tools, and predictions of the most exotic theories find here their experimental realisations. The Department has a balanced and expanding research programme, with strong, interconnected theoretical and experimental effort in some of the most challenging directions of condensed matter physics, such as novel materials and devices for electronics and computing;quantum engineering;spintronics and low-dimensional physics.

This programme has strong interdisciplinary components such as neuromorphic computing, medical imaging and energy harvesting.The staff and students benefit from the unique network of world leading scholars visiting department and hosting us at the top research centres worldwide.