Abdul Miah

Abdul Miah

If I hadn't attended the MLSC as much as I did, I would not have achieved such a high percentage.

Course: BSc Mathematics

Why did you choose to study mathematics at Loughborough?

I chose to study Mathematics since I have always had a deep passion and drive for mathematics. I love working with numbers because I find it very easy to visualise complex calculations within my head. I also find understanding difficult, abstract concepts to be enjoyable and highly rewarding. I chose to study at Loughborough since it's a top university and quite close to my home.

How did you come to use the MLSC?

I was struggling with a problem sheet around week 2 of my first year. When I realised there was always a lecturer who offers help at the MLSC, I decided to go there for the first time. Needless to say, my query was resolved. Now, every time I get stuck on a certain part of my lecture notes, and I fail to rectify my lack of understanding through other resources, I will always go to the MLSC and seek help from the on-duty lecturer.

How else has having the MLSC enhanced your Loughborough experience?

There are many theorems and proofs I would not have understood if it wasn't for the MLSC. The MLSC has helped strengthen the foundations of my understanding in many modules. This then had carry over effects as, when I was studying more advanced material in my second and third year, since my foundations were strong partially due to attending the MLSC so often. I was able to understand more quickly theorems and proofs that I encountered in the second and third year of my degree. I also use the MLSC just as a study place from time to time.

Would you encourage other students to use the MLSC?

Many of my peers regularly mention that second year was a lot harder than first year. However, this was not the case for me (and actually the opposite). Since I attended the MLSC so often in my first year, I thoroughly understood the content in that year because I would get rid of any gaps in knowledge frequently at the MLSC. Since my foundational knowledge was so strong, I found second year very easy which is evidenced by the fact that I achieved 85% overall in that year. If I hadn't attended the MLSC as much as I did, I would not have achieved such a high percentage.

What would you say to someone considering studying maths at Loughborough?

Loughborough is a fantastic university with a plethora of resources that will help maximise your learning!