Week 4: Exponentials and Logarithms

This week’s topic enlarges on the concept of powers and indices and extends it to the constant, e, and to logarithms.

See how many of the questions you can do (you will need a calculator for some of these). If you have not done much on this topic previously then try working through the HELM workbook. Remember help will be available from the MLSC once you start your course at Loughborough.


How did you get on with the questions?

You can check your answers here with the worked solutions

If you could confidently solve all the questions, you are ready for next week's topic.
If you had some issues with the questions, use the HELM workbooks below to revise the topics for this week.

Did you successfully work through the HELM workbooks?

If you feel confident with this week's topic after using the workbooks, you are ready for next week.

If you need further support, the additional resources below will be able to help you.

Once you are at Loughborough, you can also see a tutor in the Mathematics Learning Support Centre.

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