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As demonstrated by the high levels of student satisfaction reported in the National Student Survey, the Department of Mathematical Sciences is committed to giving you a first-class student experience – with innovative teaching and excellent student support.

Maths at Loughborough - Meet Emma

Undergraduate student Emma talks about her experiences as part of Loughborough University's Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Here’s what some of our undergraduate students have to say about their experiences.

Adrienn Jung (Mathematics)

The quality of teaching at Loughborough is amazing; I cannot praise it highly enough! Lecturers and all members of staff are friendly and willing to give up their time. They go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the content of the course as well as happy outside of lectures.

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Heena Patel (Mathematics)

I thought the idea of the Maths Learning Support Centre was great and that was one of the main reasons I chose the Mathematics Department in Loughborough.

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Ben Abrahams (Mathematics with Economics)

Maths at Loughborough offered the broadest and most supportive style of education. The Maths Learning Support Centre was certainly a key attraction.

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Jill Onamusi (Financial Mathematics)

If you have the opportunity to study at Loughborough, grab it and don't let it go. Studying at Loughborough has been one of the best experiences of my life so far.

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Zack Rushby (Mathematics with Statistics)

The University constantly notifies us about opportunities that arise, and help with what to do after university.

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Umair Attique (Mathematics)

The teaching quality is world class at Loughborough; each topic is covered in-depth and supported by tutorials in addition to lectures.

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Robyn Potter (Mathematics)

I chose to study at Loughborough University's Department of Mathematical Sciences because the broad range of module options meant I could choose to focus on the areas of maths I  most enjoyed and wanted to learn more about.  Also when I arrived on the Open Day the atmosphere and the excitement the department really got me excited about the prospect of studying here.

I always wanted to do maths, mainly due to the fact that it's a subject I enjoy, but also because it will provide me with skills which will make me very employable and open up a variety of different job options.  I came to university with no idea what I wanted to do in my future, and two years later I'm still not sure. However Loughborough has amazing graduate recruitment fairs where you can talk to a lot of different companies to find out about the kind of career opportunities available. Also the degree is structured in such a way that  I can work out which modules I enjoy and find a job based on them.  Maths can be used in many different ways so hopefully I will have many choices in the future.

I really enjoy studying with friends I've made on my course. The work given my lectures is challenging but, with the help of the knowledge the lecturers have, I enjoy working through the problems and finding solutions in a group.  The department has a large selection of lecturers who are all very knowledgable in their field. They all provide you with detailed information and notes that provide you with in-depth knowledge within their module.  On top of that all the lecturers are more than happy to help answer questions, either with lectures/tutorials or via email. And they can always answer in such away that you can understand for future.  In short, I find the teaching quality extremely high standard.

Being a Loughborough student has given me a wide range of other opportunities. Dance was one of my main hobbies before uni and with the AU (Athletics Union) club I have been able to keep it up as well as compete in national dance competitions, as well as performing in their annual show.

Loughborough has also enabled me to they new things. For example I joined the Paintball Society which was something I never got to try before and through the society I can play with other students and have fun at an affordable price.

Another big factor of my Loughborough experience has been in my hall.  Unlike other universities I looked at, here there was a lot of hall spirit which really made my freshers'.  I was also be able to help run my hall through committee which was not only fun but gave me plenty of experience and employability skills to boost my CV.

I would tell anyone considering Loughborough to come to an Open Day.  I wasn't entirely sure about Loughborough until I came here and spoke to some of the lecturers.  Also look at the Students' Union website for all the extra opportunities that are available.  There are many positives of coming to loughborough, the main thing is to find the positives that relate to you.

Rachel Radbourne (Mathematics)

I was attracted to Loughborough because the staff were really helpful and friendly on the department Open Day, and I loved the fact that Loughborough was a campus University.  Also, the course didn't require further maths as an A-Level (they didn’t offer further maths at my high school).

The choice in modules is very good allowing me to choose the path most suitable for my future.  Analysis has been my favourite module. Although it included learning and understanding a large amount of complicated proofs, the tutorials were helpful and the tests allowed me to constantly check I was understanding the concepts.   I have been offered a place on the graduate scheme Teach First, where I will be teaching Mathematics.  My degree has put me in a really good position to go into this graduate scheme through offering me the opportunity to take mathematics education modules as well as straight mathematics modules.

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC) is an incredible service to all students, and I often go there to do private study. The Accommodation Centre has also been extremely accommodating and helpful. 

Social life at Loughborough is great. We may not be in a big city (although Leicester and Nottingham are easy to get to) but the Students' Union is amazing and I always see so many of my friends on a night out there.  There are so many different ways to meet new people at Loughborough. I became part of Open Heaven Church that meet in the Students’ Union and have made so many friends there.

For any prospective students I would say that maths is hard and very different from A-level standard, but once you get past the first semester your ability will develop massively and you will make so many great friends in the process.  It will be the best decision!

Denise Barnes (Mathematics with Economics)

Having transferred to Loughborough University from another university, I can only comment upon how pleased I am with the decision I made. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by the staff and students helped me to settle in quickly, and throughout my time here I have always been able to have any help needed.

The Mathematics with Economics course appealed to me because I enjoyed Mathematics very much at A Level, but wanted to take a second subject - one that I had not studied before - alongside it. The weighting of the subjects suited me also, two thirds of my time spent studying mathematics with economics taking up just a third of the course.

I have found the course very enjoyable so far, particularly some of the mathematics modules which were completely new to me and very interesting. From being almost "scared" of computers, the Numerical Computing module transformed me into a confident programmer.

The prospectus states that previous knowledge of economics is not necessarily a requirement, but obviously GCSE or A Level knowledge will put you in good stead for this course, and you may find that you have already studied some areas of the syllabus.

The Mathematics with Economics course offers an optional year in an industrial placement. If you apply and are fortunate enough to get a placement, the experience is a definite advantage in the hunt for jobs once you have graduated.

Out of lectures there are many varied activities to get involved in. Although Loughborough is well known for its sporting achievements, there are societies for everyone including music groups and societies, Flix - the Union cinema society, societies for environmentalists, not to mention RAG and Community Action, two of the largest organisations here. If you are interested in becoming a DJ, there is the opportunity to do so on the Loughborough Campus Radio. Also, if you would like to continue learning a language in your free time, there are lessons available at various levels in some languages.

Finding places to go out in the evening and at weekends should pose no problems at all. There is something going on in the Union almost every night of the academic year, and in the town centre there is an abundance of bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as the six-screen cinema.  If your prefer live music, theatre or simply a night out in the city, both Nottingham and Leicester are close by, just 15 minutes on the train.

If you do decide to come to Loughborough, you are almost guaranteed to have a place in the halls of residence, with 70% of undergraduates living on campus. If you are offered University accommodation for your first year, it is wise to accept.  Meeting people is a lot easier when living in halls, and your hall committee will have organised many events for the first two weeks in particular.

Stephanie Rose (Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management)

I decided to study at Loughborough’s Department of Mathematics for a few reasons.  First, I wanted to do a sandwich course with a professional placement and found that Loughborough was very helpful and offered a flexible programme that enabled this.  Also, on the Open Days I found that the lecturers were very approachable and friendly and this was most important to me when deciding what university I chose, because I wanted to ensure that I would have support from the lecturers if I needed it.

I chose Maths with Accounting and Financial Management because I enjoy maths and the challenges it poses and I like working through problems.  When deciding what I could do with my degree, I thought that a finance-based career path would be preferable, so the course was an ideal mix for me!  I like the variation that the course provides. In the maths side of the course, it's interesting to build on the knowledge that you learn from school and to learn new areas and applications of mathematics. In the finance side, I found it very interesting to learn how businesses operate financially and what effect this has in the whole economy.

The standard of teaching is very high. There's support at every level and no shortage of people to turn to if you need help. The staff  are always professional and knowledgeable and communicate well.

I love the uni spirit that you get from staying and working in Loughborough.  When people say that you live in the uni bubble, this couldn’t be a more appropriate description of Loughborough!  Not only is it a great place to study, it’s also a great place to meet and socialise with people.  You definitely get the best of both worlds.

When I graduate I hope to get a graduate job with one of the big four accountancy firms.  My degree will support this because I have acquired a placement with Ernst and Young for my third year.  This will give me an opportunity to put knowledge gained from my studies into practice in a business environment and will equip me with new skills, while developing the ones I have.   I want the placement to give me an insight into working for a large firm and what to expect from a graduate job.