Investing in you: Mathematical Sciences

Loughborough University always values students’ feedback on their University experience. Over the past year, the university has undertaken various strategic actions and initiatives, reflecting its commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education.

Powerpoint slide about investing in you mathematical sciences

The University actively engages in discussions with students and their peers, seeking insights into areas of commendation and potential areas for enhancement.

Below are some of the things we’ve recently changed in the Mathematical Sciences department as a result of your feedback:

  • Expanded the optional modules in later parts with the introduction of new modules across the spectrum of Mathematical Sciences
  • Reviewed the timeframes of coursework assignments to reduce deadline bunching and maintained a variety of exam formats
  • Acted on your feedback through SSLC meetings and module feedback, listening to the student voice
  • Continued to work closely with the Placements and Careers team to provide tailored opportunities and support at every level of your study
  • Maintained our support and engagement activities for new and returning students with induction, information sessions, module options events, inspiring guest lectures and social events

As Loughborough University looks towards the future, these proactive measures and unwavering commitment to investing in the well-being and success of its students is a priority. By valuing and acting upon feedback, the university continues to set a high standard for student-centric education, ensuring that every student's journey at Loughborough is enjoyable.