Geography and Environment


Dr Keely Mills PhD (Loughborough)

Photo of Dr Keely Mills

Academic career

2014 – ongoing : Palaeoenvironmental Scientist, British Geological Survey
2012 –2014 : Lecturer in Physical Geography, Loughborough University
2009 –2012 : Research Fellow, Federation University (University of Ballarat), Australia
2005 –2009 : PhD in Palaeolimnology, Department of Geography, Loughborough University

Professional responsibilities

2013: Guest Editor for Special Issue of Climate of the Past (PAGES YSM). 
2012- : Treasurer of the International Society for Diatom Research.

My research focuses on three main themes: (i) understanding long-term [Holocene] changes in climate [effective precipitation] and environments [catchment change] using fossilised algae preserved in lake sediment records; (ii) development and application of quantitative diatom models (transfer functions) to assess water chemistry changes through time and (iii) understanding the effects of human impacts on freshwater and estuarine ecosystems and how this may affect the resilience of these systems under increasing climatic and anthropogenic pressures. My research interest centres on trying to understand how lake ecosystems have responded to past climate changes from a multi-disciplinary perspective and to try to understand how resilient these often vulnerable but ecologically important freshwater resources may be to future climate changes, especially under increasing pressure from human activity, pollution and modification.