Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate study

Why Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineers are at the forefront of scientific and technological developments. They design, construct and operate processes to create products that we all depend on and are often tackling some of the world’s most urgent problems.

Chemical engineering is all about turning raw materials into everyday products. The food and drink we consume, the energy we use, and the medicines we take, all depend on technical know-how and ingenuity of chemical engineers. Our graduates oversee the safe manufacture of these products, all whilst managing resources and protecting the environment.

Chemical Engineering draws on a wide variety of skills and knowledge. In fact the problem-solving and numeracy skills of chemical engineers are highly sought after by employers and help to explain why chemical engineers top the scales of all the major engineering professions. 

How is Chemical Engineering different to Chemistry?

Chemical Engineering is quite distinct from Chemistry. Although many of the processes chemical engineers deal with involve chemical reactions, the contribution of chemists and chemical engineers is quite different - even though they quite frequently work together. Chemists strive to find new pathways to desired end products and to investigate mechanisms of reactions.

The role of the chemical engineer is to translate this information to design processes that must not only be economically viable but must increasingly demonstrate minimal environmental impact.

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