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Aviation planning and operations

The Transport Studies Group at Loughborough has been undertaking leading edge research into commercial aviation for over 40 years.

This has included research into Port Health security at airports and the role of international air travel in the global spread of human infectious diseases, measuring and managing aircraft noise, modelling aircraft accidents, identifying the factors which affect the commercialisation of aviation biofuels, overcoming the challenges of delivering more environmentally sustainable airport surface access policies and provision and the understanding the likely impact of climate change on the aviation industry.

Our aviation research has been supported by the ESRC and EPSRC, Eurocontrol, UK local authorities, airport operators, the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the British Society for the History of Science.

The problem

Aviation is a multi-trillion dollar industry that facilitates the mobility of over 3 billion passengers and 50 million tonnes of high value-to-weight freight every year. However, this mobility creates a number of undesirable impacts, including noise, air pollution, surface access congestion and a range of other socio-environmental inequalities. It also demands the use of highly specialised equipment and technology and has transformed the ways in which human society uses and understands the world.

What we have done to help

We have delivered robust empirically-informed research into the myriad commercial, technological, operational, environmental and social opportunities and costs of aviation using a range of scientific and social scientific research methods and theoretical approaches.

The results of our research have been used to inform aviation policy and practice both in the UK and overseas and we have published widely in the academic, industry and popular press. Our expertise are often sought by the media and industry and we have given numerous interviews on national television and radio and acted as expert advisers to a range of Government and commercial organisations.

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