Governance and Nominations Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise Council on lay membership issues, including succession planning, and make recommendations to Council concerning the appointment of co-opted lay members of Council.
  2. To advise Council on the roles of Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor (except the Senior Pro-Chancellor)and Honorary Treasurer of the University.
  3. To consider candidates for the roles of Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor (except the Senior Pro-Chancellor) and Honorary Treasurer of the University and to recommend candidates for these appointments to Council.
  4. To act as a forum for discussion of Council representation on University committees and to approve the appointment of both lay Council and other lay members of University committees, including the approval on an annual basis of a list of lay individuals eligible to chair staff appeals committees established under Ordinance XXXVI.
    In undertaking the above, the Committee will be mindful of:
    1. Regularly review the breakdown of the key characteristics of Council members and identify any under-represented groups.
    2. Develop and implement plans and procedures which actively promote equity and diversity in Council membership.
    3. Recommend candidates for appointment who have the right personal qualities as well as an appropriate balance of skills and experience.
  5. To oversee arrangements for the induction and development of members of Council including where appropriate, succession planning for senior lay officer roles.
  6. On behalf of Council, to monitor University governance arrangements, and where necessary, tomake recommendations to Council for action.
  7. To make proposals to Council for regular reviews of the effectiveness of Council and other University governance structures and to oversee the arrangements for implementation of resulting recommendations for action.