Vacancies on Council

Two elections are upcoming.

Non-Professorial Members of the Academic Staff Elected by the Academic Staff and Academic-Related staff members of the General Assembly.

(vice Dr Tzamaret Rubin)

NOMINATIONS: open until Tuesday 28th June, closing at 5pm

An Academic staff member of Senate - elected by Senate

(vice Professor Claudia Eberlein)

NOMINATIONS (Second Call): Open to Friday 10th June, closing at 5pm.

About Council

The University welcomes nominations which reflect the diversity of race and nationality, religion or belief, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability across the University community.

Nominations from black, Asian and ethnic minorities are particularly encouraged as these groups are underrepresented on Council.

The Council is the governing body of the University and is responsible for its strategic direction and overall governance.

The Council has a page describing the committee's primary responsibilities and its formal powers are set out in University Statute XIII.

The membership of Council is drawn from lay members external to the University (the majority), members of staff and students. It is chaired by the Senior Pro-Chancellor, Sir Peter Bonfield.