Student Discipline Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To be responsible for the operation of student disciplinary procedures relating to all areas of University activity.
  2. To keep under review the regulatory framework and procedures relating to student discipline (including Ordinance XVII – Conduct and Discipline of Students) in order to ensure clarity and consistency, and to recommend updates and amendments where relevant and appropriate.
  3. To develop student disciplinary procedures in line with best practice, and with sector and external guidance.
  4. To provide members for Student Disciplinary Panels constituted under Section 3 of Ordinance XVII (the Chair of the Student Discipline Committee will usually Chair all such Panels), and for Student Disciplinary Appeals Committees, constituted under Section 9 Of Ordinance XVII.
  5. To maintain oversight of procedures relating to the conduct of student disciplinary hearings.
  6. To review on an annual basis guidance on the classification of offences under Sections 2 and 3 of Ordinance XVII, and on potential sanctions, and update where necessary.
  7. To maintain oversight of disciplinary activity at Section 2 and Section 3 level (cases, hearings, and sanctions) by receiving and reviewing relevant data.
  8. To consider reports from relevant sub-groups including the Wardens’ Sub-Group.

Reporting Structure

Student Discipline Committee reports to Senate.


Meetings will be held three times a year.