Curriculum Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

Programme Approval has both a strategic and operational phase.

Strategic programme approval is undertaken by Operations Committee where there is a resource implication. Other proposals without resource implications can be currently considered by Curriculum Sub-Committee.

Outline proposals are scrutinised to ensure that an appropriate level of preliminary planning has been carried out, taking into account the development of the academic portfolio with particular reference to the University Strategic Plan, School Development Plans and resource implications.

The Operational phase of programme approval is undertaken by Curriculum Sub-Committee, for which the terms of reference follow.

  1. To issue guidance to Schools within a framework agreed by the Learning and Teaching Committee, on the formulation of proposals for new programmes or modules, and for modifications to existing programmes or modules.
  2. To approve/ make recommendations for approval on behalf of Learning and Teaching Committee amendments and developments to the University’s framework for curriculum design and approval.
  3. To undertake strategic reviews of the curriculum and modes of delivery on behalf of Operations Committee
  4. To consider reports and recommendations from School programme approval panels.
  5. To scrutinise proposals, having regard to the importance of securing the standards of the University's awards against appropriate external reference points.
  6. To establish that necessary consultations have been undertaken by the School concerned and that satisfactory programme specifications and/or module specifications have been formulated.
  7. To seek to ensure that the design and content of the curriculum and the assessment strategy will allow students appropriate learning opportunities to achieve the intended outcomes of the programmes/modules concerned.
  8. To report and make recommendations to Learning and Teaching Committee.