Calling all students: Opportunity to help create or feature in a new Virtual Reality artwork for campus.

LU Arts is looking for students to get involved in a Virtual Reality (VR) project with leading dance and technology organisation Displace Studio. This opportunity will appeal to anyone who is interested in learning about creative technology such as performing in the metaverse, games development, 3D capture and modelling and creating immersive and XR experiences.  

We are also looking for dancers, actors and athletes to feature in the artwork itself who would be recorded performing within different contexts that would then be added to a virtual world.   

No prior experience in VR is necessary to take part. 

About Displace Studio 

Displace Studio is a Mixed Reality Performance Studio Co-lead by Digital Dance Artist Kerryn Wise & Creative Technologist Ben Neal. Exploring the intersection of dance, film, physical theatre, and digital technology, their work often takes the form of intimate, dreamlike journeys through uncertain places rich in symbolism and metaphor in which curious behaviours are encountered.  

The Idea 

This project will be loosely based on the Victorian paper peepshows, often thought to be early iterations of VR. Audience members will put on a VR headset in an unusual location at the University, such as the Council Chamber in Hazlerigg or a sports pitch. 

In the VR headset music will play and you will see a series of scenes stretching out in multiple layers before you. As you peer through into the first location, digital people (our student performers),objects and items appear. From this space you realise that there is yet another hole to a parallel second space opening up and you can move through into another layer, then another, and another – travelling from scene to scene.  

The creative content of the artwork will use dance/movement/choreography in response to chosen locations across the campus, which will be rebuilt in VR using volumetric capture and Unity.  

Who can get involved? 

This opportunity is open to all current students based at the Loughborough campus including UG and PG (PGR and PGT). 

There are two different ways to get involved.  

We’d love to hear from students with creative and technical skills (such as coders, 3D modellers, artists, motion graphics/fashion designers, creative writers, architects and photographers) who may be able to contribute to the creation of a virtual world for this artwork 

We want to meet performers such as dancers, actors and athletes to feature in the artwork. You would be recorded performing or carrying out  an activity in different locations on campus. This will be added to the virtual world for audience members to interact with when wearing the VR headsets.

How do I get involved?  

Come along to an introductory talk/workshop on 10 Feb at Martin Hall (MH007), 12.30pm where you can find out more. Please click the link below to book your place, stating your skills/experience, e.g, dance, computing, etc., and anything else you’d like to share.

We will provide free pizza for all students who attend!

Register for our introductory event

What are the timescales? 

Initial workshops will take place in January and February 2023 with further workshops and development of the artwork during the spring and summer terms. The final VR artwork will be launched on campus in June 2023. The opportunities to get involved are flexible; we can work around your exams and other commitments.  

What are the benefits of getting involved? 

You will gain practical experience in VR and collaborating with professional artists as well as developing skills such as coding, 3D modelling and motion graphics. This can boost your CV and improve your employability.