Arts Workers

Would you like to be paid to run arts workshops? We offer free training in how to run arts workshops to students who have any kind of creative skill.

What is an arts worker? 

Arts workers are Loughborough University students who can be booked to run arts workshops for students and staff. Arts workers have some kind of creative skill that they can teach to others. This could be in a craft like crochet, embroidery, pottery, weaving, macrame, origami or lino printing. It could also cover things like photography, music production, creative writing and performing arts. To become an arts worker, students must complete a free online training course in how to run arts workshops. This covers how to plan your workshop, health and safety considerations and working with different groups of people.

Arts workshops should always have a limited capacity; we suggest a maximum capacity of 12 or 15, depending on the nature of the workshop. 

How much will I be paid?

We pay arts workers £80 for a two hour workshop and £60 for a one hour workshop. We will reimburse the cost of materials too if you need anything that we do not have in stock. 

Who can apply?

This opportunity is open to all UG, PGT and PGR students including Loughborough London students. You should expect your studies at Loughborough to continue until at least the end of the spring term 2023 to be eligible to apply.

You don’t need to be a Creative Arts student to apply; this is open to students involved in any art form in your spare time.

We are committed to inclusivity and representing the student community we serve. We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds.

How do I apply?

Please complete the simple application form below and return it to We will review your application and contact you with details of the online training. You must complete the training to become an arts worker.

2023/24 deadline for arts worker applications: Wednesday 25 October 2023.

If you apply after the deadline then we will keep hold of your application. We cannot guarantee that there will be another training course during the 2023/24 academic year; it will depend on demand. We will contact you with details when we next have a training course running.


We want this opportunity to be accessible to all students. We welcome applications in different formats e.g. audio, large print, if this is more appropriate for you. If you would like to discuss any accessibility issues in advance of applying or to discuss how the opportunity can be made inclusive for you, then please email or call 01509 222948.

What happens next?

Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you with details of the online training.

Next training course:

Friday 27 October, 4-6pm (Zoom)

Thursday 2 November, 4-6pm (Zoom)

You do need to attend both sessions to become an arts worker. If you are unable to attend one or both of the sessions, then there may be an option to watch a recording of the training at a later date.

Once you have completed the training, we will ask you to submit your workshop proposal. You can submit up to three proposals using a template which we will provide. We will then invite you to a short and informal one-on-one session (online or in person) to discuss your proposal(s). If we are happy with your proposal(s), then we will add you to our arts worker database. We will then contact you with details of any potential arts workshop bookings.

Please note that we cannot guarantee work for our arts workers. We will do our best to book as many arts workers as possible, but it is subject to demand for workshops.

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