Disability History Month with Disability Support Network

We're collaborating with Disability Support Network (Loughborough Students' Union) for this year's Disability History Month. We're looking for creative submissions from the University community to do with your experience as a disabled person.

About this project

As part of this year's Disability History Month (DHM) we are collaborating with Disability Support Network (DSN) to share people's experiences of disability. We are looking for creative submissions, which could be in the form of creative writing and poetry, artwork, music, spoken word, video or any other format. Your submission should relate to your experience as a disabled person, including (but not exclusive to) visual or auditory impairments, neurodiversity, long term mental health conditions and long term physical illnesses. Topics for your work could include diagnosis, friendship, education, stereotypes, barriers and discrimination.

Throughout DHM these creative works will be shared on DSN and LU Arts' social media channels. There will also be a special event on Saturday 25 November in the Students' Union to showcase submissions as well as an Open Mic performance linked below. Contributors will have the opportunity to peform their work at this event, if they wish to, alongside a professional poet.

Who is this open to?

Any student or member of staff from Loughborough University who self-identifies as having a disability can make a submission. This includes students and staff from Loughborough London. 

How do I make a submission?

You can send your submission by email to WDDisabilityOfficer@lsu.co.uk or make an online submission.

You can choose whether you would like your name to be published with your submission or if you would like it to be anonymous. You can also choose whether your work is shared online and at the live event on 25 November or just one or the other. 

If you have any questions then please email Leo McFaul, Disability Officer at Loughborough Students Union at WDDisabilityOfficer@lsu.co.uk.

What is Disability History Month?

Disability History Month (DHM) started in 2010 and runs from mid-November to mid-December each year - for 2023 the dates are 16 November to 16 December. It is a celebration of the history, achievements and contributions of disabled people in the UK. It aims to promote disabled people's rights and their struggle for equality both historically and in the present day. 

Find out more about Disability History Month 


Image credit: Imogen Bishop