Did you meet your love at Loughborough?

Kartik Chawla and Dibyanjana Lodh Ray pictured in wedding attire against a backdrop of flowers and chandeliers.

Kartik Chawla and Dibyanjana Lodh Ray on their Wedding Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and we are encouraging alumni to share how they met their Valentine at university.

Loughborough has been bringing people together since its beginnings as Loughborough Technical College in 1909.  

Since then, many couples met during their time at the University, whether that was in their halls of residence, just like three of the Rutherford First Ladies, a sports club, or even at the airport on their way here just like alumni Kartik Chawla and Dibyanjana Lodh Ray, who were sat next to each other when travelling from India to their first day at Loughborough.  

The couple met and strengthened their bond during their time at Loughborough and married in 2021 prior to their graduation later that year.  

If you have your own Loughborough love story or wedding to share, please get in touch.