Kartik Chawla and Dibyanjana Lodh Ray

Kartik Chawla and Dibyanjana Lodh Ray pictured in wedding attire against a backdrop of flowers and chandeliers.

Kartik Chawla and Dibyanjana Lodh Ray first met at a pre departure event in Banglore, India.

The couples’ next encounter was when they were travelling to Loughborough together and coincidently were on the same flight, seated together. When they arrived on campus, they were both housed in Falkner-Eggington halls of residence.It was then they got to know each other through cooking, socialising, and going on day trips out.

In March 2020 as the UK went into lockdown, the couple supported each other through a stressful time missing their families in India and being in a small minority of students on campus. This is when they developed a strong bond.

Kartik proposed to Dibyanjana whilst they were both in India in September in 2020. Kartik was staying with his family in Delhi and Dibyanjana with hers in Bangalore. The couple then had a small engagement at Kartik’s family home.

The couple married on 1 February 2021 and around 250 people attended the wedding, which involved several days of celebrating.

Kartik and Dibyanjana both graduated with MBA degrees in December 2021.

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