Alumnus Mike Wedderburn says Black Lives Matter is a cry for help

Mike Wedderburn on a blue background.

Sky Sports News presenter Mike Wedderburn has shared a video and written piece on Sky Sports News explaining the importance of understanding the purpose behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

He says:

There seems to be a misconception that Black Lives Matter means that white lives don't.

Mike comments in relation to a banner flown over Burnley's match at Manchester City:

That is the only reason I can imagine that someone would think it is a good idea to fly a banner over a football stadium only minutes after all the players and staff took a knee in support of a movement asking only for equality.

It's not the 'Black Lives Matter More' Movement. It is simply that they matter.

Mike, who graduated with an MSc Sports Science degree from Loughborough in 1989, is one of the most familiar presenters on Sky Sports News. He first appeared on the channel over 20 years ago, following a Rugby Union career.

Read the full piece and hear from Mike on Sky Sports News.

You can also hear from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Allison online.