Junqi Ren

  • Postgraduate Researcher


Biography: Junqi was born and raised in China. He is currently a PhD student in International relations at Loughborough University. Interested in math and history from an early age, he attended the University of International Relations, where he received his B.A. in International Politics. He went on to earn an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Exeter.


Research Question: Whether distinct international social structures are emerging in East Asia with the rise of China?

Research: Junqi’s academic interests lie at international relations and society in East Asia. While accepting the constructivist view that ideational forces mattered, Junqi argues that these forces were generated from the society in East Asia. He seeks to use Asian specific knowledge to enrich, as well as to critique, the English School theory. Using the Belt and Road Initiative as a case, his research discusses the dynamics of norms caused by Chinese ideas and behaviours. Its main aim is to answer whether distinct international social structures are emerging with the rise of China and in which ways do these changes inform our understanding of the international society.

PGR Supervisors: Dr Taku Tamaki, Dr Ali Bilgic