School of Social Sciences and Humanities to work with UK Government on a new International Security MA module.

Photo taken on recent field trip to Northern Ireland

We are delighted to partner with the UK Government on a module which is part of the International Security MA.

The new module Hacking for the MOD: Working with the Ministry of Defence or ‘Hacking4MoD’ is a core module on this programme.

The module encourages students to act as security entrepreneurs to solve national security and defence problems. Students work in teams to engage directly with complex, real-world problems as identified by UK government mentors.

Module Leader and Professor of War Studies Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe commented “Hacking 4 MoD is a creative entrepreneurial module that provides students with the opportunity to work with Civil Servants to address both the UK's emerging threats and security challenges and to learn the skills necessary for a career in International Affairs.

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