New blog post explores Secretary Hillary Clinton and Feminist Foreign Policy

In a recent blog post, current student in International Relations, Politics and History at Loughborough, Lewis Mobbs, offers insight into his undergraduate research around foreign policy and gender, specifically looking at Secretary Hilary Clinton’s policies.

The post was published under the series, ‘Students as Researchers’, which highlights innovative undergraduate research in International Relations, Politics, and History. 

Lewis’ research into foreign policy and gender was carried out for the completion of his undergraduate dissertation, as a part of his Politics and International Relations BA at Loughborough. Lewis graduated from this programme in summer 2020, achieving First-Class Honours. He has carried on his studies at Loughborough and is currently a postgraduate student on our Security MA.

“Throughout my undergraduate programme at Loughborough, I have always been interested in foreign policy and gender. That is why I decided to focus my dissertation research on ‘Feminist Foreign Policy’. Whilst there are some examples of states following a strict Feminist Foreign Policy agenda, I was drawn to the case of Secretary Hillary Clinton. After Clinton’s tenure as the United States’ top diplomat (2009 – 2013), some political commentators lauded her record as an example of feminist foreign policy in action. However, whilst much of her rhetoric was feminist in content, at times, policy decisions and outcomes did not correlate with these supposed feminist values.”

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