How to live together in diversity: the role of the nation in the age of migration

POLIS Lecture Series will be hosting a presentation by Dr Marco Antonsich titled " How to live together in diversity: the role of the nation in the age of migration".

Dr Marco Antonsich is a Senior lecturer in the Human Geography. His research interests include territory, identity and belonging in the age of globalization, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and trans-nationalism, nationalism and post-national theories, European identity and processes of regionalization in Europe, history and theory of Western geopolitics and political geography, colonial geographies and urban iconographies of Fascist Italy. He is Convenor of the Loughborough University Nationalism Network (LUNN), Editorial Board Member of Fennia. International Journal of Geography  and Editorial Board Member of Limes. Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica.

Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at Loughborough University  wishes to bring forward globally pressing political issues through organising ‘POLIS Lecture Series’, ( POLIS LS) while simultaneously promoting the research that is conducted by the research groups in POLIS: Centre for Security Studies (CSS), Anarchist Research Group (ARG) and Populism Research Group (PRG). Through collaboration with aforementioned groups, POLIS LS aims not only to promote research that is conducted in POLIS, but also expand its research culture in Loughborough University as well as to other institutions in the UK and beyond.

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