Professor Marsha Meskimmon

Pronouns: She/her
  • Professor of Transnational Art and Feminism
  • she/her
  • Appointed Lecturer in Art History, 1998; Reader from 2000, Professor from 2008
  • Director, Institute of Advanced Studies, from August 2018
  • Associate Dean (Teaching), SAED, 2014 – 2017
  • Director of the School of the Arts, 2005 -11
  • Professorial Fellow, Stockholm University, 2020 (Covid-suspension)
  • International Visiting Scholar University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2015
  • Visiting Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2011
  • Senior Fellow, Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, 2002
  • Paul Mellon Senior Fellow, National Gallery of Art, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, Washington DC, 2001
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), Research Leave Award, 2001-2
  • Editorial Board, Art History, from 2017
  • Series Editor, Drawing In, Bloomsbury, from 2014
  • Consultant Editor, Open Arts Journal, from 2013
  • Series Editor, Rethinking Art’s Histories, Manchester University Press, from 2008
  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy, 2018
  • Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts, 2017

Marsha Meskimmon’s research makes connections between transnational, transdisciplinary feminisms, contemporary art and the politics of belonging in a global world. In a range of research publications, she has explored the intersectional dynamics of citizenship, sovereignty, nation and migration, the visual culture of cosmopolitanism and the potential of the arts to contribute to pressing issues of social and environmental justice.

Recognizing knowledge and subjectivity as situated and embodied, Meskimmon’s research explores the significance of both human and non-human agency in processes of worlding, and is increasingly engaged with the emergent area of environmental humanities. In addition to writing books and articles, Meskimmon has curated exhibitions, and participated in interdisciplinary research projects and practice-led artistic collaborations.

Meskimmon’s current project is a Trilogy, entitled Transnational Feminisms and the Arts, the first volume of which, Transnational Feminisms, Transversal Politics and Art: Entanglements and Intersections has just been published (2020). The second volume, Transnational Feminisms and Art’s Horizontal Histories: Ecologies and Genealogies, is in progress, and the final volume, Transnational Feminisms and Posthuman Aesthetics: Resonance and Riffing is due to be published in 2023.


  • Marlous van Boldrick, ‘Spring Cleaning: A Study of Cleaning and Purity in Contemporary Art Activism, from a Feminist Perspective’
  • Janet Harrison, ‘Lee Miller’s War Correspondence for British Vogue, 1944-45’
  • Agostinho Pinnock, ‘Geographies of Struggle: History, Art and Nationhood in Post/Colonial and Post-independence Jamaica, 2000-the Present’
  • Hazel McMichael, ‘Figures of Ventriloquism: Voices, Teletechnologies and Bodies after Conceptualism’
  • Serena Smith, ‘Writing on Stone: a practice-led reflection on the generative intersection between language and lithography
  • Ehryn Torrell, ‘Performing Images: A collage-based approach to deconstructing printed and digital representations of women’


  • 2019    Marina Maximova, ‘Curatorial authority and mediation of culture: Moscow art exhibitions, 1974-1993’
  • 2019    Elis Mokhtar, ‘The development of a self-help toolkit: a hybrid approach to PCT and visual journaling for prolonged grief disorder’
  • 2018    Louisa Parker, ‘Small Stories: graphic novels and women’s oral history archives’
  • 2016 Sofia Mali, ‘A cross-cultural analysis of curatorial practices: Byzantine exhibitionary complexes in three European national museums’
  • 2015  Lucy O’Donnell, ‘Drawing Vignettes: …perpetual becomings’
  • 2014  Lawrence Buttigieg, ‘Addressing the self through the subjectivity of the Other: a practice-led investigation of a particular artist-model relationship’



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