Dr Mary Brewer

Pronouns: She/her
  • School Director of Studies (UG)
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Specialism: English and American Studies

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Mary Brewer joined Loughborough University in 2007.

She undertook her postgraduate studies in English literature at Sussex University, completing her MA in 1994. Her D.Phil. (awarded in 1999) explored the representation of race, sexuality and gender in contemporary American and British women’s drama. She earned a PGCE in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in 1999, and she has been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2000.

Her teaching and research focus on the representation of social identity in modern literature and visual culture. She serves on the Editorial Board of New Theatre Quarterly and Máthesis, and she serves as a reviewer for the British Council’s Newton Fund.

Mary’s research interests include literature and religion and war writing. Her study of the representation of religion and faith in modern British drama, The Bible and Modern Drama: From 1930 to the Present-Day, was published by Routledge in 2019. She is currently exploring the role of religion and faith in the Vietnam war as captured in contemporary American war films.

Mary teaches modules on nineteenth-century American Literature and American war writing and film.

Recent postgraduate research students:

Amani Abdu (2019) The South’s “Negligible Minorities”: The Influence of Whiteness s on the Southern Construction of Race, Gender, and Class in Ellen Glasgow’s Novels. Co-supervised by Paul Jenner.

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