Creatures of the Lines: Premiere and Screening

‘Creatures of the Lines’ is a new film by the artist Sonia Levy, produced in collaboration with more-than-human anthropologist Heather Swanson (Aarhus University); and with the support of researchers from Loughborough University's Departments of Geography and Environment, and English

Creatures of the Lines explores how the desire for economic growth and linear progress has produced a landscape of lines— a series of straightened features reaching out to distant places— starting from a focus on England's canals. Favouring muddy, submerged sites over grand narrative, the film explores the risks associated with the conversion of once-curvy and braided worlds into straightened and simplified watery landscapes.

This event will feature the first screening of the film's final cut, and will feature Levy in conversation with Paul Wood, Professor of Ecohydrology in the Department of Geography and Environment at Loughborough University. Wood's research into so-called 'invasive species' and the ecological worlds of UK canals has played a key role in the film's production.

‘Creatures of the Lines’ was commissioned by Radar and Aarhus University’s Ecological Globalisation Group. It features a score by Georgia Rodgers with Sara Rodrigues and Roxanna Albayati, as well as specially commissioned field recordings and composition by Jez riley French. 

Social Distancing

We will be following any social distancing measures in place across the University at this event. Any relevant information will be emailed to attendees in advance.


There is step free access to the room, which is fitted with a hearing loop. The film does not have subtitles. If you have specific access needs (e.g. large print, BSL interpretation) please let us know via the booking questionnaire.

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