Harry French

Owned and managed by our partners, Unite Students, Harry French is situated on a split site, just 200 metres from campus. It is a relaxed and friendly close-knit community set in gardens and ideally situated if you want to be near both town and campus.


  • Bedrooms: 389
  • Catering: self-catered
  • Student types: undergraduate, postgraduate, and art and design foundation
  • Location: east (200m off campus)


  • Postgraduate students are located in Iffley, Tynte and Redholme (converted Victorian houses) or in East Grove (38 rooms), which all feature traditional rooms in 1-2 bedroom flats with a kitchen and bathroom (double rooms have double beds)
  • Couples are permitted in postgraduate double bedroom self-contained flats for an additional fee
  • Pillows are not supplied.


  • Large common/games room with Freeview, TV, table tennis/football and more (facilities subject to change)
  • The University network and internet access are available by both wired and wireless networks
  • Mobile app operated launderette
  • Bike sheds (stored bikes are covered under the Unite block insurance policy)
  • Limited parking available.


  • No bedroom cleaning
  • Kitchens and communal areas cleaned weekly in standard flats
  • Kitchens and communal areas cleaned every other week in en-suite flats
  • Communal bathrooms and toilet facilities cleaned weekly.

Halls fees

For 2021/22 all postgraduate rooms are offered on a 50-week let and are available throughout the Christmas and Easter vacations.

  • Small bedroom in 2 bedroom flat: £5,046.64
  • Single bedroom in 2 bedroom flat: £6,846.90
  • Double bedroom in 2 bedroom flat: £7,857.25
  • Studio Flat: £8,333.47
  • Double bedroom self-contained flat: £9,195.74

Postgraduate family flats

For students arriving in Loughborough with their family, we have seven two bedroom self-contained flats in Harry French. These are available on a 12-month contract for both taught and research students, and are suitable for singles/couples with small families.

These family flats are located in Tynte and Iffley houses, which are home to other single postgraduate students, and cost £190 per week.

For more information or to arrange to view, please email or call our Student Accommodation Centre. Alternatively, you can complete our enquiry form.

Useful information

Support in halls

We are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for you during your time in halls, helping you to feel safe and supported. In order to assist you, there are a number of resources available to support you within your hall community:

Hall management team

Your hall has a dedicated Hall Management team (available Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00) who are there for any day-to-day enquiries, suggestions or concerns. They also:

  • co-ordinate day to day cleaning and maintenance, and your post
  • help to ensure your health, safety and security
  • work closely with your Hall Warden and committee to provide a seamless 24-hour support service.

Warden team

John Phillips also has a team of Wardens and Sub-Wardens who are there to provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for all student residents.

If you have any problems, either arising from within the hall or connected with any other aspect of student life, your Warden or Sub-Warden can help to resolve this directly or refer you to someone who can help. Any discussions you have with a Warden or Sub-Warden are confidential.

Health and safety

We take your safety and security seriously. Here, you will find all the information you will need on the processes that we have put in place and what we provide to keep you safe in your halls of residence.

Hall security

  • corridor and stairwell lighting remains on during hours of darkness with low light levels. Most windows, including those on the ground floor, have tamper proof window restrictors to prevent forced entry from the outside and to minimise the danger of falling from a height from the inside. To ensure your safety, these must not be removed.
  • all doors to individual blocks have restricted resident key or proximity card access. Individual bedroom doors require locking on exit and can be locked from the inside via the door handle or resident key. Students are strongly encouraged not to let anyone they don’t know into their block. University staff and contractors will be identifiable by ID cards and name badges. All keys will be signed out and recorded by Hall Managers or the University Key Office. 
  • doors to individual bedrooms and kitchens are reinforced hardwood fire doors and are designed for maximum security and to prevent the spread of fire.

Further information on the University's 24/7 Security can be found on the Security webpage.

Fire Safety

  • in your student bedroom, there will be a blue fire notice located on the notice board or door and there will be a designated fire assembly point in the event of an evacuation.
  • throughout the term, fire evacuations will take place by the second week of the first semester and a second evacuation drill no later than the fourth week of the second semester. Fire alarm tests are carried out weekly.
  • your room will also feature a smoke detector.

Accidents and Emergencies

All accidents are reported to either your Hall Manager or Warden Team. Your hall will have first aid trained staff who can help you in the event of a minor injury. All of the university's security staff are also trained first aiders.

Your room


You will have storage space allocated to you in your kitchen. Where cupboards are lockable, the key will be supplied with your room key on arrival. There may be additional space to store pots, pans and other utensils. A fridge/freezer is available to store food in and an agreement should be made between your flatmates as to how this space is shared.

Each self-catered kitchen is supplied with a:

  • microwave
  • fridge freezer
  • toaster
  • kettle
  • cooker with oven/grill incorporated (gas or electric)

Only British rice cookers are allowed to be used in kitchens

Shared facilities, bathrooms and hot water

  • en-suite toilets have a dual flush feature installed in order to save water
  • hot water for showers and basins is supplied from a hot water storage tank which has been designed and sized to meet the normal demand of residents.

Heating and ventilation

  • kitchens contain extraction units to disperse steam and cooking odours
  • en-suite bathrooms contain extractor fans which can be activated in conjunction with the light switch
  • shared bathrooms have automatic ventilation
  • the heating system is operated by a central boiler with pre-set times for summer and winter heating.


We offer a housekeeping service throughout our halls of residence:


  • no bedroom cleaning is provided in Unite halls (eg Harry French)
  • no cleaning is provided in self-contained one bedroom flats and studios.

Communal areas

  • kitchens and corridors are cleaned on a weekly basis (*every other week in Unite en-suite flats)
  • communal bathrooms and toilet facilities will be cleaned a minimum of three times a week (university halls)
  • communal bathrooms and toilet facilities are cleaned on a weekly basis (Unite halls).

TV Licencing

If you have a TV you will need a TV licence. For more information please see the TV Licensing website.

Hall facilities

Common Rooms

Each hall has its own hall common room - a space to socialise, relax and meet other students from your hall. The facilities in each common room will vary from hall to hall and are dependent on your hall committee.

IT services

We provide a secure connection to the wireless and wired network. eduroam is the campus wireless network that provides fast and convenient access to university resources and internet using your own laptop, tablet or mobile device.

HallNet is the wired service in university accommodation. The wired connection provides faster internet speeds and greater reliability and is highly recommended for when using your computer, games console or smart TV. Free Ethernet cables can be collected from the PC Clinic in the library.

Launderette (university halls)

Laundrette machines can either be operated using Apple Pay or a credit/debit card and cost approximately £2.80 for a 30-minute wash and £1.40 for a 45-minute dry.

Launderette (Harry French)

Harry French operates a mobile app service and costs £2.80 per wash (£3.30 for super cycle) and £1.40 per dryer.

Launderette (Forest Court)

At Forest Court, it costs £2.70 per wash and £1.70 per dryer.

Endsleigh Insurance

We have provided possessions insurance for the duration of your stay within university accommodation (John Phillips and Harry French) through Endsleigh Insurance. This covers a range of belongings within your room, including sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food. The student room insurance provided for you focuses on covering some of the items in your room for theft, fire, flood and accidental damage.

To check what is covered, see the Endsleigh website. For John Phillips, the student policy number is HH1181. For Harry French, the policy number is HH1072a. 

Hall regulations

As you will be a part of a residence community, we have some regulations that we ask you to follow so that everyone can enjoy their time in halls.

What not to bring

To maintain your safety there are a number of items that are not allowed in your accommodation. These include:

  • any type of refrigeration (unless supplied by us for medical reasons)
  • chip pans/oil in saucepans
  • all additional electrical kitchen appliances
  • personal heaters of any kind
  • electric blankets
  • extra furniture
  • candles or incense sticks
  • socket cube adaptor
  • inside BBQ trays
  • fireworks
  • door wedges in communal areas ie kitchens and corridors


You are reminded that possession of illegal substances is a criminal offence and possession with intent to supply is a more serious offence. Students found to be using, or in possession of, or knowingly allowing any illegal substance, including cannabis, in their halls of residence are in contravention of their Licence Terms and Conditions – see Clauses 7.1.1, 18.2 and 21.18: 

Breach of these clauses will be dealt with under the University’s Disciplinary regulations and your Licence may be terminated by the University.


  • no smoking is permitted in any University building
  • no smoking should be within three metres of any building, especially windows and doors
  • no smoking on campus includes electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) and any forms of pipe from other nations. This includes any style of smoking pipes including shisha pipes.
  • certain external areas of the campus are no smoking and further details can be found in the University Smoking policy. 


It is against university regulations to bring or have pets in your accommodation on campus. If any are found you will be asked to remove them, with the exception of guide dogs.