Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Transfers between programmes or universities

Whether you are considering transferring between programmes while you are a student at Loughborough, or transferring to/from another university, there is guidance regarding the possibilities and processes in the drop down sections below.

Transfers between programmes at Loughborough University

The University recognises that some students may wish to change their chosen programme of study after they have commenced it. Transfer between programmes (including between undergraduate Masters and Bachelors variants) is possible, to which Regulation IX applies. Students do not have an automatic right to transfer, they require permission from the accepting School, which is entitled to set conditions. Advice on transferring to a new programme should be sought from your personal tutor and the admissions tutor in the accepting School.

You are also advised to seek guidance from the Student Advice and Support Service regarding how changing your studies may affect your financial circumstances (including student loan) and/or immigration status.  If you hold a Tier 4/Student visa, you should be aware that, in some circumstances, you may need to obtain a new visa before you may transfer to a new programme.  In some cases, students are only permitted to submit their Student visa application outside of the UK.  If this applies to you, you will need to think carefully about the timing of your programme transfer.

If you hold a Tier 4/Student visa and wish to transfer to a programme which requires ATAS clearance, you will need to obtain an ATAS certificate before the programme transfer can be approved and you can start the new programme, even if you do not need to apply for a new visa.  For further information, see the University's ATAS webpage for continuing students.

If you do get agreement to transfer to a new programme (including between the undergraduate Masters and Bachelors variants), you will need to complete an internal transfer request form which should be returned to:

Student Office
Rutland Building 
Loughborough University
Loughborough, Leicestershire
LE11 3TU

Or by email to

Your School will be able to provide you with a copy of the form and give you advice on how to complete it. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded below but will not be processed until all the relevant staff have seen and signed the request. 

For information on adding or removing placement years from your undergraduate programme, please see separate information on placement years.

Transfers between universities

All Students

If you are considering transferring from one university to another, it is very important that you seek appropriate advice and guidance before taking steps to proceed with a transfer. Extending your studies as a result of a transfer may have student finance implications and it is important you understand what support you might be entitled to in these circumstances.

Likewise, if you are an international student with a Tier 4/Student visa, it will be necessary to apply for a new visa before you can commence another programme at a different university. 

Sources of advice for current Loughborough students:

  • Academic Advice:
    • Personal Academic Tutor (taught students)
    • Supervisors (research students)
  • Financial and Immigration Advice:

Research students

If you are studying for a research degree, transferring between universities is likely to have a number of funding implications, and you should seek advice from both your current and proposed university before taking any steps to do so. Further information for postgraduate research students can be found in the Code of Practice on Research Degree Programmes

Taught students

Transferring to Loughborough University from another institution

In some cases, we recognise that students may wish to transfer onto a programme at Loughborough University having started their studies elsewhere. This will only be possible if you meet the entry requirements of the programme that you wish to transfer onto, details of which can be found in the relevant course page of the prospectus. If you meet the entry requirements, you are advised to contact the Admissions Office for advice on transferring before making an application.

If the programme that you wish to transfer onto is similar to that which you are currently studying, then it may be possible to transfer some of the credit that was awarded to you at your current university. As a result, you might then be considered for direct entry onto the second year of an undergraduate programme or for credit exemptions from a postgraduate taught programme in accordance with Regulation IX. You should obtain a transcript of your studies at your previous university in order that the Dean of the School into which you wish to transfer can make a judgement as to whether this would be appropriate.

Transferring from Loughborough University to another institution

If you are currently registered at Loughborough University and want to transfer to another university, you will need to make the relevant enquiries to the university at which you would like to study. If you request a transfer you will be formally withdrawing from your current programme at Loughborough.

We can provide on request a transcript detailing the credits that you were awarded whilst registered at Loughborough University, as this is likely to be required by the university to which youare applying in order for them to decide whether the transfer is appropriate and whether or not you can be considered for direct entry onto year 2 (or later) or credit exemptions.