Tuition Fees

About your fee status, what you'll be charged and how to pay your fees.

Fee Status

When you apply to study at the University the relevant Admissions team will determine your fee category based on information you provided in your application. Your fee category will identify what tuition fees you will be charged. Your fee category will either be UK, Channel Islands or International. EU nationals who started their programme before the 2021/22 academic year may have a fee category of "EU". We will only consider changes to your tuition fee category after you have accepted our offer if there is a good reason why you were not able to draw relevant circumstances to our attention, or submit relevant evidence, at the time you accepted our offer. 

Your fee category will not usually change while you are studying your programme, even if there are changes in your circumstances. Details of when your fee category can change after your programme has started are provided on the UKCISA website.

If, after reading the details on the UKCISA website, you believe you meet the conditions for your fee category to change, you should contact the relevant Admissions Team who dealt with your application to ask then to review your fee category.

What tuition fees you will be charged

The tuition fees you will be charged in your first year of studies will be stated in the Offer Letter you received from Admissions when you applied. Fees are reviewed annually and are likely to increase each year to take into account inflationary pressures. If your fees are due to increase in your second and subsequent years, you will usually receive an email from Student Records and Operations with details of the increase before the start of the academic year.

Note: The following fees are regulated by UK Government legislation and so only increase if the legislation is amended:

  • Further Education students: UK fees
  • Undergraduate students: UK fees, EU fees (for EU nationals who entered before the 2021/22 academic year)

When your tuition fees will be charged

If you are on a taught programme, your tuition fees will be calculated at the start of each academic year. You will receive regular statements throughout the year which will be sent to your University email account. Your statement will usually also show any fee reductions you are eligible to receive from Scholarships or Bursaries.

Unfortunately it is not possible to calculate your fees, or generate an invoice, before the start of the academic year. If you are a new student and need evidence of your fees to arrange a bank transfer most institutions will usually accept your Offer Letter for this purpose. Details on instalment dates for paying your fees will be shown on your statements, and are also available on the Finance website.

Paying your fees

Details of how to pay your tuition fees are provided on the Finance pages of the University website.

Your regular statements will include details of when your fees must be paid. If you do not pay your fees on time you should expect to be contacted by the University’s Finance Department and asked to make arrangements to pay your overdue fees.

If you have an approved Student Loan to pay your tuition fees, your statement will show the value of the loan approved by Student Finance, and also each payment as it is received. In order to confirm your attendance your University registration must match your record with Student Finance. If it does not we will submit an electronic change notice to request Student Finance to change your record.  If we are unable to confirm your attendance because we are waiting for a change to the details Student Finance holds about your registration, then there will be a delay before the payment is received by the University. As long as your statement shows that the loan is expected you will not usually need to take any action.

Under Regulation XVI, if your tuition fees are not paid then your results will not be published, and you will not be permitted to progress in your studies, or graduate, until the outstanding fees are settled. Part time students will not be permitted to register for any further modules if tuition fees are outstanding from a previous academic year. If your registration is suspended because of unpaid tuition fees for more than 12 months you will usually have your registration on your programme terminated.