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John Guest Phillips Travelling Scholarship

One annual travelling scholarship to the value of £500 may be awarded to registered full-time postgraduate research students. The purpose of the scholarships is to ensure that promising research students are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge of their subject, either within this country or overseas.

Note: The scholarships will not normally be awarded to fund conference attendance.

About the John Guest Phillips Travelling Scholarship

The John Guest Phillips Travelling Scholarship was established in memory of Loughborough University of Technology's fourth Vice-Chancellor, Professor J G Phillips, who died in office in 1987. Professor Phillips had a special concern for young research workers who showed promise, and the Scholarship has been set up to provide financial support for travel for postgraduate research students at the University, a project which we feel Professor Phillips would have fully supported. The Scholarship is being supported by the John Guest Phillips Memorial Fund, which was established by Professor Phillips' family with the University as the beneficiary.

Projects that the scholarship has made possible in the past include:

  • a trip to Japan to study virtual house building techniques.
  • travel associated with fieldwork to determine the effects of increasing movement of seawater into river systems in south east England
  • travel to Sydney in order to progress research into eating disorders.