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Stay connected to Loughborough after graduation

Alumni are former students of a school, college or University. If you are a male student you become an alumnus, and if you are a female student then you become an alumna. A group of female students are alumnae and a mixed or male group are known as alumni.

You become alumni once you graduate, and automatically become part of the Loughborough University Alumni Association - a diverse network of over 170,000 former students from around the world.

The Association provides you with the opportunity to stay part of the Loughborough Family. You can remain connected to your friends, take advantage of networking opportunities at a professional and social level at alumni events, and access benefits and support.

Staying in touch

To ensure we can keep in touch, you need to consent to being contacted by the Alumni Association. You can do this online through the Student Self-Service Portal.

You can also find the Alumni Association on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, so feel free to connect with us!

By consenting to hear from us, you’ll receive our monthly e-newsletter, advertising the latest alumni news and events, as well as bespoke emails about relevant opportunities.


The Alumni team hosts a range of events throughout the year, including reunions, sports and careers events. These are held both on campus and around the country, and a full list of current events can be seen here.

Vice Chancellor's Reception

Benefits and discounts

You can access a range of University and high-street discounts after leaving Loughborough.

From getting access to campus sports facilities at staff rates with an Alumni Sports Card, to getting reduced trips to theme parks across the country, these exclusive discounts mean you can benefit from being a Loughborough alumni wherever you are.


For international alumni there are also a series of alumni groups and networks around the world, including China, India and the US.

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Careers help

You are welcome to access the help and support offered by the Careers Network and the Enterprise Team, just like if you were still a student, for three years after leaving.

The Careers Team can help you achieve your goals and find your career path. The Lboro Connect platform also offers the chance to network with and learn from fellow alumni, businesses and current students.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, graduates can join the Loughborough Enterprise Network to help turn their ideas into reality. The Start-Up Fund also offers the chance to apply for grants, so you can kick-start your entrepreneurial career after you graduate.

Postgraduate study and bursaries

As a member of the Loughborough family, you can access discounts on postgraduate study.

Our further study bursaries are available at the Loughborough and London campuses for postgraduate taught and research programmes, providing a great opportunity to continue your Loughborough journey.

Graduate outcomes survey

The University is always keen to find out what our graduates go on to do.

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is a national survey of graduates which aims to find out about your experiences at University and what you have gone on to do since your graduation.

The survey results are really important to us. They help us provide current and future students with information about the value of study at Loughborough and the range of careers and additional study destinations of our students.

We are also required by the government to collect this information, so please look out for future emails from the University about the Graduate Outcomes Survey.

Giving back

There are also several ways to get involved with the University after you leave.

From mentoring current students to acting as an international ambassador, giving back to Loughborough is a great way to stay connected.

As alumni, you are the University’s greatest ambassadors and advocates, and you can help to build Loughborough’s reputation worldwide by spreading the word about the 'Loughborough experience', wherever you may be.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about the Alumni Association or how to stay connected, feel free to contact the Alumni Relations team or see our FAQs page.

We always enjoy hearing about what our alumni get up to across the world. If you have a story to share on our news channels, want to get involved or get in touch with lost friends, then please get in touch.

Engagement Team