Postgraduate study

Not ready to leave yet? Why not consider a master's or PhD?

As an education institution, we advocate for anyone that looks to further develop their knowledge and skills, and we have seen the positive impact it has had on our postgraduate students and their careers.

Unlike your undergraduate degree, at postgraduate level you can make unlimited applications directly to as many universities and programmes as you like throughout the year without the pressure of applying immediately. For many graduates the choice to pursue a higher qualification depends on your personal circumstances - continuing your career in a subject area you love, needing elevated levels of certificates to become qualified in your field or maybe you've realised you want to do something different to what you studied before.

Whether you go straight from graduation to continue your studies or go out to industry and return to education later, if you pursue your postgraduate degree at either our Loughborough or London campuses you will receive:

There are government student loans available:

The University also has a number of scholarships available that you can apply for.

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Visit the dedicated postgraduate progression study page.