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Collection Process

Loughborough University’s approved contractor for the removal of redundant electrical equipment known as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is CDL (Computer Disposals Ltd). It is illegal to dispose of WEEE in general waste and therefore this process must be used for the disposal of all redundant electrical equipment including mobile phones.

As the university is spread over such a large site, it has been split into two areas, named AREA 1 and AREA 2 for the purpose of the collections.

AREA 1 consists of East Park, Central park and Village Park. Collections in AREA 1 will normally take place on the first Friday of every month.

AREA 2 consists of West Park, Holywell Park and Sport Park. Collections in AREA 2 will normally take place on the third Friday of every month

The process for all Tenants WEEE irrespective of location is detailed here

The process for all Loughborough London WEEE is detailed here 

The schedule for collections is detailed below.


CDL (Computer Disposals Ltd) are one UK’s largest and longest established IT disposal companies.

Operating nationwide from their headquarters in Cheshire, CDL has been providing IT disposal services to the education sector for over 15 years and is the current preferred disposal partner to over 55 leading UK Universities and over 300 schools and colleges.

Under the free of charge agreement CDL will collect all manner of IT related WEEE, including telephony, audio visual , lab and testing equipment. Whilst CDL will collect equipment irrespective of age or condition it is imperative that any equipment is decommissioned and stored with due care and attention, so as to preserve any resale potential. CDL can provide cages and/or containers where required. As part of the agreement CDL will also collect other WEEE items such as white goods and kitchen appliances.

Redundant equipment will be collected from departments on the dates indicated below for the respective areas. When you have items to collect please complete the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Form and on completion email it to waste@lboro.ac.uk. This should be done no later than one week prior to the relevant collection date listed below. Should you have large items to be collected or a significant volume of items (e.g. when upgrading PC labs) then special collections can be arranged at 48 hrs notice by emailing waste@lboro.ac.uk  

WEEE Collection Dates 2019

WEEE Collection Dates 2020

It is the responsibility of those requesting the collection to identify a safe place for temporary storage whilst awaiting collection. Please do not use corridors, stairwells or block any fire exits or escape routes. Please find a storage location as near to ground level as possible for ease of collection. The contractor will collect directly from this location. For bulkier items of equipment, a collection can be made from where the item stands - please advise us if this is the case on the order form.

All electronic items must be free from Asbestos and biologically, chemically and radiologically clean. If you think an item falls within this exemption then please contact Nik Hunt on 01509 228083 or email waste@lboro.ac.uk to arrange removal

Record keeping

In the form requesting a contact name and number, please enter the name of someone who will be available on the day to oversee your collection. For each collection of WEEE from the University, a waste transfer note or consignment note must be completed and these will be issued to the Environmental Manager for record keeping purposes. The University is legally required to keep copies of all waste transfer notes for at least two years and consignment notes for three years. For further instructions on the creation and storage of documentation please see here »

Computers: IMPORTANT!!

Computers and laptops

Under new WEEE guidance the University must no longer be selling (or giving away) its computers to staff and students as this places a responsibility on the university to provide a take back scheme, this has been deemed unmanageable. All departments are therefore required to use the above process for the removal of redundant IT equipment.

Please note however that if your electrical items are still usable by the University you should consider investigating the potential for REUSE by another department before disposal. Electrical items can be moved between departments without the issues which arise with external reuse. Electrical items of SIGNIFCANT value can be sold once approved and you are aware of the procedures which have to be followed (contact the Environmental Manager via waste@lboro.ac.uk for further details).

CDL also offer payment on certain MAC equipment details of which can be found here. 

The onus on departments is to ensure that it is recorded that the asset has been removed via this contractor. The wiping or removal of the hard drive is no longer required as CDL will be providing this service within the contract to standards specified by the University’s IT department.

As the equipment is being recycled for re-use, we would ask that all items are stored carefully to ensure maximum potential for re-use in accordance with the Waste Hierarchy. Please note that it is illegal to dispose of any electrical item with general waste.

Why we recycle Redundant Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Recycled computer monitors

All redundant equipment from Loughborough University is refurbished and repaired where possible, with the aim of maximising re-use.





Redundant computers

Any items that cannot be refurbished are dismantled and recycled into tradable commodities such as plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.




Hard drive erasure and Certificates of data destruction

Data equipmentEach piece of equipment is given a reference by the contractor and certificates of destruction are provided. These are stored electronically, centrally along with all the relevant serial numbers.

Data on any data bearing equipment such as a HDD, memory disk, networking equipment, printers and photocopiers or digital camera is wiped to CESG Infosec 5 enhanced standard, using CESG standard software as specified by Loughborough University IT Services. For any data bearing appliance which cannot be wiped (for example because of a faulty Hard Drive platter), the drives are degaussed using CESG approved equipment and then shredded as a default position.

CESG are the information assurance arm of GCHQ and Infosec 5 enhanced is regarded as the top current UK standard for data cleansing.

Recycled IT Equipment for Loughborough University staff

Loughborough University staff are reminded that it is not permissible to take redundant IT equipment home for personal use or to purchase such equipment directly from the University. As a component of the agreement with CDL for the disposal of IT equipment, CDL are able to offer a service to Loughborough University, whereby any redundant IT equipment that CDL have collected (from the University or other organisations) can be advertised to Loughborough University staff for purchase, once any data and\or software has been securely removed and the equipment has been recycled.

For details of any potential IT equipment that is available for purchase, please contact Ian Henry at CDL (email:ian@comcomputerdisposals.com; telephone: 01923 730 033) stating Loughborough University staff purchase in the title.


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