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Waste and recycling guidance

Waste bins

Waste Contractors

Environmental Legislation now impacts strongly on the University and the Duty of Care it must demonstrate in respect of its waste management. This means the contractors we use must be carefully vetted and managed, this is done through the Environmental Manager in the Sustainability Team. As a result Schools and Departments are not allowed to dispose of waste through any other contractor. If you require assistance with waste disposal please contact the Environmental Manager on 01509 228083 or email n.o.hunt@lboro.ac.uk

We look forward to the support of Schools and Departments as we drive towards reducing, reusing and recycling our waste to divert it from landfill, decreasing our costs and increasing value for money through improved and consolidated waste management practices whilst ensuring legal compliance.

What to do with your waste/unwanted resources

Information on what to do with your waste and recycling is available through a series of Waste Guidance Notes. Further Waste (Resource) Management Operational Control Procedures are available as part of our Environmental Management System.

There are also special sections on:

Hazardous and Clinical Waste

Please note that hazardous chemical waste and clinical waste require special collections. For more information please contact the Environmental Manager on 01509 228083 or email n.o.hunt@lboro.ac.uk

Recycling and General Waste in Halls of Residence

If you live in a Campus Living, UPP or Unite hall, your recycling is collected by Charnwood Borough Council. For more information click here

Glass Waste

Our bottle banks are emptied bimonthly by the waste contractor URM Group. Please see the following table to find out when our next collection date will be:

 4th April 2019  Departure for Easter
 27th May 2019  Prior to Examinations
 8th July 2019  Following student departure from halls 
 16th September 2019  Prior to new academic year
 11th November 2019  Mid-term empty
 6th January 2020  Start of term two

In the event that bottle banks have not been emptied on the designated date, or if you have any issues, please contact waste@lboro.ac.uk.


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