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Recycling and General Waste in Halls of Residence

If you live in an Campus Living, UPP or Unite hall, your  recycling is collected by Charnwood Borough Council. In your kitchens you will  have a bin with a purple bag for recycling, a bin with a clear bag for general  waste, a green or grey box for glass bottles/jars and a small box for broken  glass.

Green Bag Recycling

Green recycling waste bag 

Here is an overview of what you should recycle in your green bags... click  here for a full break down!



In your green bag you should recycle:

Recycling icons

Food tins, Drink cans, Kitchen Foil, Drink cartons, Cardboard, Paper, Plastics, Empty aerosols.

Make sure to rinse any drink and food containers before recycling, and squash items where possible to conserve space. Items such as pizza boxes can be recycled if the card is greasy as long as there is no food in them.

All the following types of plastics are collected (most carry a symbol similar to the five below which identify the type of plastic):

Recycle image

Please DO NOT contaminate purple bags with items such as food waste and tea bags.

What you CAN’T put in the purple bag:

Red Cross Food waste

Red Cross  Teabags

Red CrossTissue / Kitchen Towel

Red CrossGlass

Red CrossCrisp packets/sweet wrappers

Glass Recycling

A green or grey box is supplied in kitchens for glass. You should place all empty glass bottles and jars in this box. Please rinse first. Do not recycle broken glass, pyrex, drinking glasses, window or mirror glass in this box.

Broken glass should be placed into the separate, smaller box provided.

British Heart Foundation Donations

British Heart Foundation logo

If you have items such as clothing, bedding, bric-a-brac, small electrical, kitchenware, books etc which may be reusable, hall receptions keep a stock of donation bags for the charity’. Please place such items in a donation bag and return them to your hall reception to be picked up by the charity.‌‌

General Waste

Each kitchen is provided with a separate bin with a clear bag which should be used for any remaining non-recyclable waste.


Halls and individual students can get rewards and prizes for recycling, check out ‘Lufbra Environment League’ on Facebook for more details.

Don't be a waster, Recycle 

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