School-based mentoring schemes

Contact details for school-based mentoring schemes

School / Area Who is the scheme for? School champion / contact details
ABCE Post-probation RTE/SSAT academic and support staff families Professor Chris Goodier - Director of Doctoral Programmes, Director of Centre of Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering (CICE)
AACME Post-probation RTE/SSAT academic staff and Professional Service Staff Aisha Benachour - Director of EDI / Pat Storer - P.A. to the Dean of School
SSEHS Sponsorship Mentoring for Post-probation RTE/SSAT academic staff Dr Daniel Rind - Reader in Organisational Psychology
SDC Performance and Development staff within the Sport Development Centre (SDC) Cath Harvey - Sports Volunteering & Employability Manager

SSH Post-probation RTE/SSAT academic staff and Professional Service Staff Dr Catherine Armstrong - Director of People and Culture
Loughborough in London Early Career Research Academics Dr Angela Dy – Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Professor Jo Tacchi - Associate Dean of Research
Science A mentoring scheme is currently under consideration for
post-probation RTE/SSAT academic staff
Dr Iain Phillips - Director of Academic Staffing (Science) 
SDCA  Post-probation RTE/SSAT academic staff Dr Claire Warden - Director of Academic Development
REACH Network A mentoring scheme pilot is currently running for the REACH Staff Network

Joseph Bou-Nassif - Graduate Management Trainee - International Experience and Engagement Officer 

Maia Network Women and non-binary people comfortable in
a female-centred community
Dr Jenna Townend - Research Policy and Researcher Development Manager