Coaching at Loughborough

Would you like to work with or become a coach?

Working with a coach

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with an internal coach, please complete the application to work with a coach via the button below. The Organisational Development team will contact you to discuss your application further and match you with a coach.

If you are within a senior role at the University and, due to the complexity of your current situation or the level of confidentiality that is required, you wish to explore working with an external coach, please contact We can provide support in selecting a suitably qualified and experienced coach from a list of pre vetted and costed list of providers, where you have budget available.

Becoming a coach

Acting as a coach for another colleague can be an immensely rewarding experience and is a development opportunity open to everyone, regardless of the seniority of their role.

For coaches, involvement in coaching at Loughborough presents an opportunity to:

  • Gain the opportunity to reflect on your own development
  • Develop key skills such as listening, questioning, facilitation, empathy and rapport building
  • Extend your own people development experience
  • Increase your organisational knowledge and internal network
  • Demonstrate your collegiality by sharing your experience and giving something back to the University community

The anticipated time commitment for our coaches is a maximum of 4 hours over 6 months with precise timings and frequency of sessions agreed between the coach and coachee.

If you are an experienced and qualified coach and would like to volunteer as a coach please complete the form below.

We have recently developed a suite of in-house coaching courses which are available to all staff who have an interest in coaching. Colleagues who have no coaching experience or qualifications and wish to become a coach should progress through the pathway of courses outlined below:

1. An Introduction to Coaching (for all staff)

A short, online course for staff who are new to coaching and seeking to understand what coaching is and the key skills involved in coaching others.

We recommend all members of staff who wish to progress onto our other coaching courses complete this course initially. This will ensure an understanding of how coaching is defined and organised at Loughborough.

2. Coaching Conversations (for all staff)

A workshop for staff seeking to build upon their understanding of what coaching is, what the key skills of coaching are and to develop their own coaching skills to enable others to maximise their performance.

Coaching Conversations Courses

2. Coaching Conversations for Managers (for those with line management or supervisory responsibility only)

A workshop for staff seeking to build upon their understanding of what coaching is, what the key skills of coaching are and how, as a manager or supervisor, coaching skills can be used to enable their team members to maximise their performance.

3. Advanced Coaching Skills (for all staff who have completed stages 1 and 2 above, and can evidence previous coaching experience)

A programme of workshops and follow up action learning sets, for those who are seeking to deepen their knowledge of the key theories of coaching, enhance their coaching skills and work towards becoming a coach at Loughborough.

If you are interested in attending this programme please complete the expression of interest form below. 

Advanced Coaching - Expression of Interest

Coaching FAQ's

I’d like to be a coach. Do I need a qualification?

In order to be a coach you will be required to evidence previous experience/qualifications/training, alternatively you can work through the suite of in-house coaching courses. These courses are delivered by Organisational Development and are available to all staff who have an interest in coaching.

Further information on the coaching courses can be found via the Organisational Development Hub

All courses can be booked via the Organisational Development Hub.

What happens at the end of my four coaching sessions?

Once your four coaching sessions have finished, please contact You will then be sent an evaluation form to provide feedback on the coaching relationship.

What do I do if my coach/coachee leaves the university?

If your coach leaves the university, please contact You may be assigned a new coach to work with if you wish.

If your coachee leaves the university, please contact As a coach, you can go back into the pool of available coaches, if you wish.

My coach and I have completed the four sessions, but both wish to continue working together. How does this work?

Coaching relationships are short and focused on specific goals and/or issues, therefore it’s not recommended that they would continue after the four sessions.

The four sessions with my coachee are almost completed. Whilst I’ve enjoyed being a coach, I no longer have the time to dedicate to it. How do I withdraw from the framework?

Please contact to discuss. 

I’ve signed up to work with a coach but haven’t been assigned one yet. Why is this?

There are only a limited number of internal coaches at the University, and whilst the aim is to match those who apply to work with a coach promptly, sometimes this isn’t always possible.

If you feel your need to work with a coach imminently is essential, please contact to discuss in further detail.

I don’t feel it would be appropriate to work with an internal coach, given the confidential nature of the issues I’d like to discuss, what are my options?

The University has a list of pre vetted and costed external providers you may choose to work with, where you have budget available.

Please contact to discuss your requirements.