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Referring a member of staff

If you feel that a member of your team should be referred to Occupational Health, the referral and the reasons for this must be discussed with the member of staff before they are referred so that everyone understands and consent is obtained for the purpose of the referral.

Usually, staff are referred in relation to attendance management, for example:

  • To see if there is an underlying medical condition or disability causing persistent periods of short-term absence and to determine the best way to manage this;
  • To review the current job role and / or consider suitable re-deployment as well as making sure that the member of staff is fit for work and, the return to work is appropriately planned where the member of staff has experienced a work-related injury or medical problem that impacts on their capability to perform their contractual role, or have been on long-term sick leave
  • To support or advise managers with their staff during a period of Long term sickness absence
  • To support and assist managers if reasonable adjustments may be required due to impaired health

Staff may also be referred to discuss the need for temporary/permanent adjustments to their workplace or job role not as a result of absence. 

These appointments are an opportunity for the person to discuss health and work-related issues in confidence with an occupational health professional.

The individual has the right to refuse referral, however the individual must be aware that further decisions and actions may have to be made without the benefit of a medical assessment.

Staff with health concerns (physical or psychological) or a disability that affects their work may be referred to Occupational Health by their manager/HR. Both their manager/HR will be told when the staff member has been made an appointment and with the staff member’s written or verbal consent (dependant on appointment type) will be copied in on any reports produced. In the same way, staff may feel that they would like to refer themselves to the Service.

If you are a manager and feel that you need to refer a member of your team to the Occupational Health Service, please speak to your HR contact who will assist with completing a referral via the ITrent system

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