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Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service

Referring a member of staff

Referrals to the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Serivce are made if an employee:

  • Has frequent periods of short term absence
  • Has been absent from the workplace due to ill health for 4 weeks or longer
  • If there is a management concern regarding the employees health
  • If there is a DSE requirement that has not been able to be successfully managed locally with DSE assessors
  • To recommend suitable phased return to work if the employee has experienced a work-related injury or medical problem.
  • To discuss the need for temporary/permanent adjustments to the workplace or job role due to disability or altered health status.

If you feel that a member of your team should be referred to Occupational Health, the referral and the reasons for this must be discussed with the employee before they are referred so that everyone understands the purpose of the referral.

These appointments are an opportunity for the person to discuss health and work-related issues in confidence with an occupational health professional.

The aim of a referral appointment is to provide health information and signposting for the employee along with providing a report to the manager outlining any recommendations for support and adjustment.

The individual has the right to refuse any reports being released following the consultation. However, the individual must be aware that further decisions and actions may have to be made without Occupational Health recommendation and guidance.

If you are a manager and feel that you need to refer a member of your team to the Occupational Health Service, please speak to your HR contact who will assist with completing a referral via the ITrent system

Please ensure all management referrals are accompanied by the employee’s current job description. 2-year attendance record, reason for the referral, specific questions to be answered and any relevant risk assessments.

Once the referral has been sent to Occupational Health, we will offer an appointment at the earliest opportunity. If this is inconvenient the employee can alter the appointment as long as at least 24 hours’ notice are given. If the employee cancels their appointment on the day or does not attend, a report will be sent to the manager outlining this.

The appointment either face to face or as a telephone consultation will be decided by the triage clinician.

In some instances, it may be appropriate to seek additional information from a treating specialist or Consultant. If this is the case, the employee will be asked to complete a consent form to allow OH to seek the report.

The employee may be referred to our onsite physiotherapy service if they have a musculoskeletal condition that requires treatment. The manager will be asked for a cost/budget code to allow the cost of this to be cross charged to the relevant department. The employee will be informed that they can access up to a maximum of 5 sessions with our onsite physiotherapy, if more is required, the employee will be asked to contact their GP for referral and/or have the opportunity to self fund via the clinic.